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home office

Pandemic and lockdown put a full stop to all our outdoor activities. Being at home and doing all our works from there become a normal activity for us. In this current situation, the idea of Work [...]

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Interior Decorator in Kolkata

If you love that old queen size mahogany bed of your grandparents and also find that modern dressing table you have seen in your friend’s house fascinating, then you are one of those who love the [...]

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Nothing beats curling up in a warm, padded recliner with plenty of pillows, a great novel, and a cup of cocoa chocolates with melting muffins during the colder months! Try interior decorator in [...]

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8 Dressing Table Ideas For Your Bedroom

  • 29th September
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A valuable and well-appointed dresser is essential for people who prefer to make sure their cosmetics are perfect at all times of the morning and night! You can be a busy office individual or a [...]

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Exercise room

Staying active implies staying happy and less susceptible to lifestyle illnesses, according to the new-age slogan. According to research, even 15 minutes of regular exercise could have a [...]

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Are you preparing your rental place for a tenant? While searching for a newer house, most tenants choose the following interior design options. You’ll have prospective tenants coming up for [...]

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Elegant Living Room Design

Is it a huge ask to create a modest area that is also an oasis of calm and tranquilly? Of course, the first step is to store the objects somewhere out of sight. The first problem is to combine [...]

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In modern houses, sliding door wardrobes provide a streamlined, space-saving storage option. They provide several benefits and might be used in the space of any design or dimension. Consider all [...]

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New Bedroom Decoration Trends 2021

  • 24th September
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The most comforting area is your bedroom. So why not make it the best? Make your zone look the best with the best interior decorators of Kolkata. A bedroom spacing requires a welcoming look; the [...]

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Bathroom Interior Designer in Kolkata

Interior Decorator in Kolkata could provide you with a customized interior design quote based on your plan, including entire interiors, stylish kitchens, large bedrooms, and waiting areas, all [...]

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