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False Ceiling Design

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Best False Ceiling Contractors or Designers in Kolkata, India

False ceilings or dropped ceilings have become a staple of modern architecture because of its aesthetic appeal. With a reliable decoration service, you would find a gamut of various designs for false ceiling to choose from. Apart from protecting the classic style, the benefits of false ceilings are worth noting. Proper installation of false ceilings can reduce the room temperature during summer, helps in providing some outstanding lighting options, can help in the proper usage of air conditioners and finally helps in conceal the wiring which can reduce the energy consumption.

Some of the best false ceiling contractors in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors provide the false ceilings at cost-effective prices to meet your needs. They have the solution for everyone, whether your budget is large or small, you can have them installed in your rooms. In this regard, it is worth to know some of the false ceiling design types that Spectrum Interiors provide, which are given below for your reference.

Gypsum Board False Ceilings

These false ceilings pose fire-resistant capabilities are lightweight and are very flexible to use. The finishing work on these ceilings is very smooth and joints are often not left as visible in these ceilings. You can paint these ceilings following the background of the rooms which can help you to improve the overall ambience of the room vastly.

Metallic False Ceilings

Longevity is the word that comes with these types of false ceilings. Being made of metal, they don’t normally crack, absorb moisture and provide an outstanding look to the overall interior of the rooms.

False Ceilings with Plaster of Paris

This is the most common type of ceilings used in the industry as they have low maintenance cost can be installed easily at pocket-friendly prices. With the help of some professional false ceiling designers in Kolkata, you can also achieve some stunning designs and a smooth finish with these ceilings.

The rising popularity of the false ceilings is increasing day by day as people understand the needs of false ceilings. However, inappropriate false ceiling designs can damage your rooms and can also pose a threat to your life, hence you should always hire professionals like Spectrum Interiors to install them.