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Korean Interior Design | Highly Experienced Korean Interior Design Specialists in Kolkata

Korean Interior Design is the latest inclusion in interior design, widely used nowadays. Traditional Korean aesthetics and contemporary designs are considered beauties of cultural diversity. The main feature of these designs is that they use a lot of natural light, beautifying the overall look and feel.

Let’s know about these types of designs from the following points:

1) More Use of Light Wood Structure: Korean designs incorporate natural lights and light wood to enhance the overall look and feel of the house.

2) Flood Spaces with Natural Lights: Korean aesthetics include using natural lights to flood the spaces to provide proper harmony. These are more prominent than fluorescent lights and help to keep more of an ideal atmosphere.

3) Minimal Use of Colour Schemes: To justify the proper usage of natural lights and lightwood, the rooms’ colour scheme is kept minimum. A popular colour combination used is brown, yellow, white, silver, beige and grey – used to design the rooms.

4) Use of Comfy Floor Seating: Traditional Korean design incorporates special care to low and flat furniture structures where functionality plays a vital role. Hence, the majority of their furniture is present on the floors – which include sitting arrangements.

5) Use of High Bookshelves: Trademarked Korean Designs will always include the use of high bookshelves in the rooms as a part of minimalist designs. The stack shelves will often touch the roofs with the books and will normally contain a great volume of your favourite books.

There are lots of more cutting-edge design features included in Korean designs which some of the best professionals in this field like Spectrum Interiors can help you guide through. Consult them for incorporating them into your houses to make them feel alive again.