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Modular Kitchen

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Give Your Kitchen a Smart Look with Latest & Aesthetically Pleasing Modular Kitchen Designs

Being the top modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors profoundly understands the requirements of modern urban clients. We present you with the most creative and fashionable modular kitchen design that will suit your lifestyle more than anything else. We’re committed to a perfectly decorated kitchen for your house within your budget.

Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, the modern-day modular kitchen arrangement is the right choice for all residences. We are the most reliable and professional interior decorator company in Kolkata. We know how you want to see your kitchen. We will provide you with a low-cost modular kitchen design that will put everything in the right place in your kitchen and make your cooking experience awesome. The modular kitchen we can design for you will not only add more aesthetic value to your property but will also help you perform your daily kitchen tasks in a hassle-free way.

If you are looking for the “best modular kitchen near me,” then Spectrum Interiors is the best name for you. This is the best interior designing company in Kolkata that has gained fame and experience in the interior designing and decoration industry. Our design will let you have the kitchen that you always dream of. Moreover, being the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, we offer the best modular kitchen design price.

Vastu-friendly & Aesthetically Pleasing Modular Kitchen Designers in Kolkata

Kitchens are the heart of our home, and the health of an entire family depends on the kitchens. As per Vaastu Shastra, the south-east direction is considered the ideal direction for kitchens, while the southern or eastern directions are considered secondary choices. Moreover, it is also suggested that the cook should ideally face the east or north direction while cooking the food in the kitchen.

According to Vastu, positioning the kitchen in the northeast corner of the house is the most harmful as this is where gods/goddesses enter our home. In the case of kitchens situated in the northeast corner of the house, one must use yellow and wood colors to avoid the propagation of negative energy.

We Are the Best Interior Designer and decorator in Kolkata, West Bengal


We have been working in the interior design and decoration industry for several years. We have gathered experience that helps us to become versatile with our thoughts and functional in our process. Because of our knowledge, we take challenges and know how to deal with them successfully.


A deep knowledge of the industry makes the pro. From the latest trends of kitchen tiles to the current lighting style of these kitchens, Spectrum Interiors experts know all the tricks of making a kitchen interior design project successful. Their technical knowledge will help you to get the right design within your budget.


Spectrum Interiors is the best place for you if you want a kitchen that looks simple yet elegant. Our creative excellence knows how to transform an ordinary kitchen into a marvelous one. We work hard and blend our innovative ideas to install the best modular kitchen cabinet design in your apartment and house.


We bring the best modular kitchen price for you. At Spectrum Interiors, we meet several clients with different requirements and budgets. We offer them a custom modular kitchen that will perfectly suit their budget. Moreover, we maintain a high standard of all our work without making the price high.

Excellent Finish

The final look of every modular kitchen depends on the finish. We are very particular about it. Our team always offers that flawless finish while installing the kitchen cabinets and fixtures in your modular kitchen. Hence, you can receive the impressive look you always want. Our eye for detail and excellent craftsmanship help us to do so.

Benefits of a Modular Kitchen – Know it from the Experts

Easy Maintenance

Modular kitchen cabinets are easy to clean and maintain for a long time. You can clean them daily with a piece of cotton in your kitchen. Simple kitchen cleaning solutions are perfect for cleaning these cabinets. It takes just a few minutes to clean your modular kitchen. The overall maintenance of the modern modular kitchen is straightforward. This is specially designed for the busy homeowners of today’s world who hardly have limited time to spend in house cleaning. Hence, these types of easy-to-maintain kitchens are perfect for them.

Clutter-Free Design

A modular kitchen means space-saving designs. You do not need to have a crowd of cabinets spreading here and there in your kitchen when you have the modular arrangement. You can have a tiny modular kitchen design for your small apartments. This is a brilliant idea for homes that have a space issue. With a modular kitchen setup, you can have plenty of foot space in the kitchen to work freely.

Easy To Shift

You can easily remove and shift your modular kitchen from your old house to the new apartment. In this present time, relocation is common in people’s lives. Hence, this flexible kitchen design is perfect for their lifestyle. You can take your entire kitchen whenever you relocate to a new address. It is as easy as you want it to be.

Easy To Repair

It is easy to repair a modular kitchen. Since every part is joined to the other with screws, it takes nominal time to open them and correct the flaws. You do not need to open the entire cabinet, find the part where the damage is, and fix it without extra effort. We have experts who can repair and maintain your modular kitchen whenever needed.

Hassle-Free Remodeling

When you have a modular kitchen in your home, you do not need to get upset about remodeling the same. Within a few steps, you can change the shutters of your cabinet to get a brand-new look. Hence, kitchen revamping can be done at any point in time when you have a modular kitchen. The cost of remodeling the modular kitchen is also affordable.

Your kitchen is more than just where you cook or wash your dishes. It is the place that reflects your family’s lifestyle, food habits, and values. Hence, it would be best if you were careful about the design of the same. At Spectrum Interiors, we care about your time, money, and emotion. So, we use all our creative excellence, deep knowledge, and matchless craftsmanship to give you the best modular kitchen design that suits your needs perfectly.