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Wallpaper Design for Bedroom and Living Room | 3D Wallpaper Designs or Wall Art Designs | Office Wallpaper Design

Wall art or 3D wallpaper designs for the walls are for those with a sense of art in their minds or for someone who likes to see their special memories every time. It is especially meant for those rooms which are big and their walls often look very odd or lonely. The addition of 3D Wallpapers or putting wall art on them can add an extra charm and make them feel alive.

Given below are some of the tips and tactics you can consider while choosing a suitable wallpaper for your home, which can increase your confidence.

1) Concentrate on the Wallpaper Size

Choosing the right-sized wall art is very important if the size isn’t right; it can look very odd. It should be something that should be a perfect fit and neither too big nor too small – ideally, it should consume approx. 50-75% of your wall space.

2) Match the Wall Art with Your Personality

We need to add some art on our walls that can always match our personality and make us feel comfortable in our houses. Adding something that’s not what we want would bring along a sense of irritation and can even be visually distractive.

3) Match the Style of Your Rooms

Wallpapers should always match with the style of the rooms. Like in case your rooms are of modern décor style, you can consider keeping a non-common art, your family shot or a bold art piece. In case, your room decor is of unconventional type – you can move towards keeping travel photos that can give you pleasure.

4) Select the Right Colour and Theme

Matching the art or wallpapers with the colour of your rooms is very important as that can help you match that with your room and would also be visually pleasing. In case it is not, that can be visually distracting for your eyes and can even disturb your mind.

Just like the colour, choosing the right theme for the right rooms is also very important. If you want a simplistic theme, then a black and white version of your wedding photographs can be very pleasing or if you want a bright one, then a beach photo is ideal.

Choosing the right wall art can be very confusing and you might not know which one would suit your room and which one won’t. Hence, it is always advisable to consult the best wallpaper designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors to help you out in this regard.

Wallpaper specialists would visit your house, study the existing design and they would do a permutation and combination of the features mentioned to provide you with the right solution.