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Welcome to Spectrum Interiors – Awarded The Best Interior Designer In Kolkata and The Best Interior Decorator in Kolkata, West Bengal, India | Interior Designer in Kolkata

Best-Trusted Home Interior Design Company in Kolkata, WB, India | Home Interior Design Consultant

Best Trusted and The Most Suitable Interior Design and Decoration Company in Kolkata | Best Interior Designer in Kolkata, WB, India

As per team Spectrum Interiors, interior design and decoration, in a nutshell, is the process of enhancing your house’s beauty while focusing on achieving a healthy environment that adheres to your taste. A perfectly decorated house is also more efficient in helping you go through your quotidian routine – provided that you have hired the best interior designer in Kolkata to fulfill the same. That’s where team Spectrum Interiors comes to your rescue in this city of Kolkata, where there is a need for more expert interior designers who specialize in end-to-end interior design.

A proper interior design is indispensable for any house as it transforms a vacant space into a soulful home. An interior design that puts every room, like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc., and furniture in the most appropriate place inside your home makes it more aesthetically pleasing. It makes your daily activities easier and effortless. Hence, if you live in the City of Joy and are searching for the perfect décor for your home, you need to contact the best interior design and decoration company in Kolkata or the awarded best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors. Team Spectrum Interiors was the Award Winner of the GEA Awards in 2019 and the Star Galaxy Awards in 2023 for their flawless work in home interior design. Call Team Spectrum Interiors (Award-winning interior designer in Kolkata) to execute your home interior design flawlessly. Attractive discounts are available for end-to-end Trunkey apartment interior design projects in Kolkata and West Bengal, India.

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Given Below are Some of the Specific Services that we Offer to Our Clients Related to Interior Design and Decoration. Contact Now for Availing the Best Interior Design Services!


False Ceiling Design

False ceilings or dropped ceilings have become a staple of modern [...]

Flat interiors

Flat Interiors

With the rising popularity of the real estate industry, most [...]

home interior-design

Home Interiors

As per the home interior designer in Kolkata, like Spectrum [...]


Korean Design

Korean Interior Design is the latest inclusion in interior design [...]

bathroom design

Modern Bathroom

Many people worldwide like to spend most of their time in their [...]


Wall Art

3D wallpaper designs or wallpaper design for bedroom walls are [...]

Modular kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Being the top modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, Spectrum [...]


Living Room

Living rooms are the places in our house where we gather and [...]


Our Projects.

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Bed Room
Korean Design
Living Room

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Top-Rated Vastu Shastra and Architectural Consultation from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata or the Best Interior Design Company in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

(All Free of Cost (T&C Applied)) | Only Applicable for End-To-End Home Interior Design Projects in Kolkata and Nearby Areas of West Bengal

At Spectrum Interiors, we provide a total Vastu Analysis of your house for free to ensure you enjoy our services’ maximum benefit. Proper Vastu planning is essential for you to enjoy a life full of happiness. Hence, Spectrum Interiors has tie-ups with some of the best Vastu consultants in Kolkata to help you.

Apart from Vastu, our in-house expert professionals include some of the industry’s best architects, who can provide you with excellent consultations regarding the preparation of a corian temple or puja room, proper placing of bedrooms, modular kitchens, office rooms, and the appropriate designing of false ceilings. Consulting a professional architect is important before redesigning, as they can provide a feasibility analysis. So, at Spectrum Interiors, we have included this FREE consultation for you to take a look at Spectrum Interiors, we have included this free consultation for your benefit.

We provide you with the most efficient interior design and decoration staff who can fully understand your requirements and cater to your needs. Spectrum Interiors ensures you get what you deserve at pocket-friendly prices and can fulfill your dream of having an aesthetically friendly house or office. Being one of the best interior designers in Kolkata, we would love you to have the luxury of choosing from many available design options.

Spectrum Interiors is your choice if you are still wondering whom to choose for proper interior design and decoration for your home and offices. Spectrum Interiors has been awarded the best interior designer in Kolkata for their perfect home or commercial interior design service. They have been in this business for years and have an expert-level staff to cater to your interior needs. They have been recognized as the best interior design company for home and commercial interior design in Kolkata.

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    Meet Our Great Team

    Meet Team Spectrum Interiors - The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

    Priyam Chiney

    Priyam Chiney


    Disha Bhattacharya

    Disha Bhattacharya


    Main Reasons To Choose Team Spectrum Interiors

    The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata | Award Winning Interior Design and Decoration Company in Kolkata

    Proper Interior Planning and Budgeting

    A professional interior designer & decorator is adept in organizing and arranging the house depending on the customer's budget. Therefore, with the help of such efficient decorators, you could acquire the best material within your budget limit. Also, through proper planning, these designers would maximize the aesthetic appeal and the efficiency of your home in a short time.

    Saving Time and Money for Interior Project

    Without professional help, interior designing & decoration can be an arduous task with considerable waste of both time and money. A decent interior design company like Spectrum would provide you with the best architects and designers who would devise a failsafe plan to complete the job most efficiently and at a very affordable price. As a result, a significant amount of money and time wastage will be mitigated.

    Pointing Out Any Interior Architectural Flaws

    An experienced interior designer & decorator would help you find subtle things that could be improved in the central architectural design of your home that are unnoticeable to the unprofessional eye. Hence, while doing the interior decoration, you would also be able to rectify these design flaws and thereby increase your home's longevity.

    Professional Assessment of Interior Design

    As houses and apartments are considered one appreciating asset, assessing your home's actual value is of the utmost importance. The trained and experienced eyes of a professional interior designer would help you determine the true market value of your residence in case you want to sell it in the future.

    Selecting the Most Suitable Interior Design

    An excellent interior designer and decorator would help you determine whether your home should incorporate a contemporary or classic design. Taking the area of your residence and various other factors into account, they help you pick up the most suitable furniture set. Also, when a professional is in charge of interior design and decoration, you can focus on your other priorities rather than the refurbishment of your house. Hiring a professional interior designer is an option if you want a decent home in Kolkata.

    Experts Advice and Implementing New Designs

    Persons dealing with interior design and decoration know every trick and technique to help you get the best solution at affordable prices. Also, if you implement some of the ideas by yourself, you can do something harmful to your health. Hence, it's always advisable to consult a specialist before going away with your thoughts, as you cannot compromise with the place where you will live. With the advancement of the latest technologies, interior design services have been taken to the next level.

    No Hidden Cost for Your Interior Project

    Team Spectrum Interiors provides one of the best price quotations for your interior project - with no hidden cost. This means you will get a complete breakdown of the cost for every material (which won't vary later). This kind of honesty and transparency in business has made Spectrum Interiors the best interior designer in Kolkata.

    Best-in-class 2D and 3D Interior Design

    Spectrum Interiors provides their clients with one of the best available 2D/3D designs- through some experienced in-house designers. The designs are provided after the site visit is complete and made after considering the client's requirements.

    On Time Delivery for Your Interior Project

    Being one of the best interior designers in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors always tries to deliver their interior design and decoration projects on time. This includes considering everything, i.e. contracting labourers, buying raw materials, communicating with the members, etc. However, clients should understand that some projects may be delayed due to natural calamities, change in the client's requirement, etc.

    Dedicated Project manager for Your Project

    Spectrum Interiors is considered the best interior designer in Kolkata, not only for their ability to provide a flawless internal solution. But also for their ability to provide a dedicated project manager to the clients for every project. The project manager acts as a single point of communication with the clients and directs all instructions on the client's behalf.

    • Rahul Halder
      Rahul Halder

      I have decorated my flat with Spectrum Interiors. I am completely mesmerized by their works of inputs furnished to my apartment. Moreover, it is entirely affordable. The selection of their choice is just spectacular. I recommend everyone to contact Spectrum Interiors for the job above.

    • Kaustav Das
      Kaustav Das

      They provide some of the best pocket-friendly interior designs in the industry. I consulted them regarding the interior design for one of my relatives, and they impressed me. Their quick turnaround time and consultation regarding Vastu-friendly designs make them the market leaders in this industry. They are highly recommended from my end, and I request you to consult them at least once before trying out for others.

    • subhasis roy
      Subhasis Roy

      Spectrum Interiors: Thank you for transforming my home into a functional architectural design-worthy dream home. Your working procedure was very detailed. Also, the creativity, ingenuity and vision were beyond my imagination, and the most satisfactory part was the budget fulfilling a middle-class need.

      Surendra Nath Chowdhury

      I initially called Spectrum for my false ceiling job. But seeing their creative engineering skill and finishing, I gave them the interior job of my whole apartment- customized wardrobe, Korean temples, painting,3D flooring, etc and all other positions. I happily recommend this company for all your interior work.

    • Subhadeep Gupta
      Subhadeep Gupta

      Excellent experience with them. They have redesigned our new flat beautifully and that too within our budget. We have done the right thing by consulting them before the completion of our flat and got the most desirable result. They have many options from which you can choose your desired one. Also, their consultation is excellent, and they will provide some expert Vastu consultation, which you won't get anywhere else. Thanks, Spectrum Interiors; you will get many more new businesses and recommendations from us in the future.

    • Ankit Aggarwal
      Ankit Aggarwal

      Many companies in Kolkata claim to be one of the best interior designers in the city. However, most need the infrastructure, workforce, experience, or acceptable portfolio. That's where "Spectrum Interiors" is different. This company has each and everything required which can classify themselves to be the best in the market. I completed their designs and decoration work for my Dhakuria-based apartment. They have achieved that brilliantly, for which I have happily referred them to all my network friends. Thank you, Spectrum Interiors - I am happy to do further business with you anytime.

    • Kaushik Dasgupta
      Kaushik Dasgupta

      Spectrum Interiors is an outstanding company in interior design and decoration. I had the opportunity to work with them on the total internal solution for my Kolkata apartment, which they did not disappoint. Based on their reviews and experience, firstly, they provided a free site visit, Vastu analysis, and a no-obligation quotation. After agreeing on a mutual basis, the work was started. Since then, I did not have to think about anything else, as their site supervisor was highly cooperative. Last but not least, the quality of the work was very satisfying and per my needs. You can have some ideas from the pics uploaded by me as well. Thank you "Spectrum Interiors" for your hard work - I appreciate the same.

    • Soumyadip Ganguly
      Soumyadip Ganguly

      The service provided by Spectrum Interiors for my apartment and restaurant design or decoration has been fascinating. I have to travel all around the globe for my business trip, for which it was only possible to be present some of the time at the location premises for the design - that's why I hired a full-time, reliable interior designer like Spectrum Interiors. They are professionals and handled my request personally, and I didn't have to take any headaches. I was in Spain - when the interior work for my restaurant and apartment in Jadavpur, Kolkata, was finished. Thank you guys - you rock!

    • Venkat Reddy
      Venkat Reddy

      Spectrum Interiors provides one of the best services related to home/office interior design, kitchen/bathroom remodels, and other services related to interior design and decoration. The price quotation is fair and fully justified if you want a total breakdown of their services. I could perform the internal solution for my home through them, for which they did not disappoint. You can quickly go for them, as the services are top-notch or the best in the market to date in Kolkata.


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