2021 Home Interior Design Trends from Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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2021 Home Interior Design Trends from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors say that 2020 has been a year of sorrow and disaster. Yet, people found a way to spruce up their home interiors which have been the most fascinating for 2020. Out of different interior design projects for 2020, various interior design ideas can come to be very handy for the year 2021.

Unlike the previous years, 2021 will focus more on sustainable materials that can concentrate on eco-friendly features. The audit provided by Spectrum Interiors for the home designs of 2021 will give everyone a clear idea of the latest trends followed in Kolkata, and this blog will explain just the same.

Rustic Vogue Design

This kind of design is aesthetically pleasing for the crowd and those individuals who would prefer injecting some interesting character in their home’s living areas. This works best for those homes where exposed beams, wall panels or quality floorboards are present. 

A Combination of Yellow and Grey

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that this year will follow of including yellow and grey colour shares that makes it much more attractive and bring for the family members.

Cottage Core Interior Design

Cottage core is more of a simplistic design trend; however, when it’s mixed with glamour, it can provide a very luxurious and traditional style. This suits those who would love to relax and enjoy the fresh air by sitting on a lounge.

Vintage Interior Design 

This is the look which is especially suited for the houses of Kolkata – said by the best home interior designer in Kolkata. Image the places of North Kolkata or those at Bhawanipur, where people have houses of their ancestors. The first thing they would want is to restore the vintage look they have. 

Warm Design Trend

This is the ideal colour trend that people choose to implement during the winter season for getting a warm and cosy environment. This includes orange coloured sofas, blue walls, wooden floors, etc.

Ocean Hues Style Design

This interior design includes blending the room colour as per the beaches, which denotes a relaxing environment. This mainly provides an aqua blue colour and combines that with inky blue to give an illusion of the beach environment. This is the trendiest colour for the year 2021, and when combined with soft sofas, it provides the most relaxing atmosphere.

Classical Interior Trend

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that it’s the most demanding home interior trend and mostly applicable for the living rooms. This has become effective for people who are now spending more time with friends and family since the lockdown. This includes a long table in the centre surrounded by comfy seating arrangements – which is simple yet satisfying.

Design Incorporating Home Office

Covid-19 has shown the significant companies in the world that there is nothing more productive and cost-effective than a work-from-home environment. Hence, people are now focusing more on incorporating designs that can include a home office. This is simple as it contains bookshelves, a table, a comfy back chair, etc. To be more flexible, you can use foldable tables and chairs that you can integrate anywhere.