2021 Office Design Trends: Know from Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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2021 Office Design Trends: Know from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that 2020 has been a devastating year, but that has paved the way for a new office or commercial interior designs. Since the majority of the employees stayed at home premises during this period, the office interior should have facilities that can include comfort for the employees. You can be a Top Manager, CEO, Founder, Sales Executives, Accountant, HR etc. but you cannot deny that the most important thing you need is comfort at office premised for which this blog is very important. Below are some of the top five interior design trends that will prevail in the market in the year 2021 – shared by the best interior designer in Kolkata.

1) Implementation of Acoustic Based Office Design

One of the most important things that disturb the employees’ concentration level is noises arising from outside or from cafeterias. To get rid of such problems, modern employers are considering the inclusion of “Acoustic Panels” that reduces noise from the outside world. Apart from this, open-spaced designs also prevail in the market, which helps employees feel comfortable and allows a free-flow of air inside the office premises.


2) The Rise in Popularity of Hybrid Workplaces

The best interior designer in Kolkata describes Hybrid Workplaces to include the combination of both workplace and living spaces. Since people are now familiar with working from anywhere, employers need to be very careful. They have to consider choosing places for them that resembles their home. This is just like including office tables with sofas or billiard boards to play. The idea is to have an environment that won’t force the employees to stay at a particular place, rather helping them work freely. This is effective as that helps the employees a lot to be creative in their field.


3) Office Mobility Solution

Mobile offices are the new concept arising at office premises – said by the best office interior designer in Kolkata. This concept is mainly introduced to facilitate communication between different departments and let others shift their places without too many hassles. Also, with Covid-19 still prevailing between us, it is essential to maintain social distancing for which these designs can come to be very handy.


Conclusive Summary

Covid-19 has shown us many ways to think about the interior designs for homes and offices. Since most of the Kolkata offices were closed during lockdown and employees were advised to work from their home, many challenges arose for the office owners. The owners now need to consider employee safety and comfort more than anything to not differentiate between homes and offices. With the latest trends prevailing in the market, employees now demand more of a collaborative office environment, where they can relax, work, drink coffee, etc. The main conclusion is to help the employees work comfortably and make the designs flexible to facilitate their comfort. Some employees like Google, consider including espresso or eateries machines at the employee’s desk which can help them to feel enchanted – whenever they like. Consider hiring the best interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors – to create flexible and mobile office solutions.