5 Book Storage Ideas in 2021: Hear from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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5 Book Storage Ideas in 2021: Hear from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Cheers to all the book lovers!

It is universally accepted that a book over needs a lot of space for their books. However, books do give an elegant look to the spacings.

It can add contrasting and colourful beauty to the room.

It is not always possible to have a designated corner for books or a study room. Therefore, interior decorators in Kolkata have brilliant ideas to arrange your books.

Don’t you have space for your literature meals? Don’t worry.

Hear from the best interior designer in Kolkata.

You surely have a staircase.

So, there’s your library resource; you can utilize the space below the staircase by framing it with sheets to stand the books. This didn’t take an inch more.

You don’t always need a shelf for books; just a base would do. The books can be placed creatively in an artsy way with straps of colours visible.

The interior designer company in Kolkata makes the most of your home space with hacks and commodity suggestions. The interior decorators of Kolkata have multiple and original ideas to stack your book together with an authentic style.

Artsy Ideas to Store Books by the Best Interior Designer In Kolkata

Ladder Shelves

This is a super portable ledge, which looks trendy and also gives an office touch. It takes just a small corner that doesn’t look occupied because of the slabs and wide base. It can hold a lot of your books. Interior companies in Kolkata have implemented this in many households, which got them the best reviews.

Wood Storage Crates

Wooden crates give a funky look, too, if we get these of different colours. It also sounds wonderful ” I have crates of Books”. It has a rustic look, can be drilled to walls, kept on a base, or stacked one above the other. The interior decorators in Kolkata would give this style a hundred as the crates are lightweight and easy to place anywhere and be kept next to your bed.

Wooden Bookends

This one is the best, which promotes a minimalistic approach. Open shelves and racks may result in making the books fall. The bookends ensure the most fundamental requirement for a book to stand. The best interior designer in Kolkata says, “they are the best to hold your books”.

Floating Square Cube Shelves

They are aesthetic to have at home. These cubes look incredible and can be made deep to cover the part of the books. These are spacious and give an organized arrangement. It can be customized and placed as a stack and vertically as well. The interior decorators in Kolkata can implement it with their creativity, and it’s going to be your favourite.

Tree Bookshelf

A beautiful concept product that facilitates space and proper arrangement of books. You will always wish your book collection to grow and the best epitome for your concert, a tree bookshelf.

It is the most popular pick, evaluated by the interior designer of Kolkata. The texture of the shelf is smooth, and the look is often rusty. It’s easy to pick up books from this kind of shelf.