8 Dressing Table Ideas For Your Bedroom
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8 Dressing Table Ideas For Your Bedroom

A valuable and well-appointed dresser is essential for people who prefer to make sure their cosmetics are perfect at all times of the morning and night! You can be a busy office individual or a stay-at-home mom who appreciates a fast 10-minute me-time to get dressed for the day. Have you ever considered constructing a specific area in your home for self-grooming but never got around to it?

Today’s marketplace offers a plethora of purchasing possibilities. However, if you receive one and it doesn’t have sufficient capacity for your accessories or preferred devices, you’ll be disappointed.

Are you eager to begin making plans? To get concepts for your bedroom transformation, start with these fantastic vanity designs from the best interior designer in Kolkata.

Vanity built inside the closet

This vanity is beautifully integrated into the closet area, and the hidden closet below the mirror provides ample space. The best interior designer in Kolkata would help you make the most of your place in a compact bedroom.

Dressing Table in a Minimalist Style

This vanity features slim compartments beneath a plain countertop, which has been fashioned simplistically by the best interior designer in Kolkata. Utilitarian and straightforward, the powder pink seat and circular framed mirror.

Dresser with mirror in antique design

This thin oak cabinet with a large mirror, made by the best interior designing company in Kolkata, is the ideal complement to a classically styled bedroom. Could store towels, bedsheets, and additional capacity in the compartments.

Twinning it!

This dresser is ideal for two people with identical storing cabinetry on both flanks of a big mirror. Creamy and bright brown with gold hues makes up the colour scheme. You could employ the best interior designer in Kolkata to assist you with getting ready in elegance.

Stylish and Modern

A sleek dresser with a huge mirror is carefully nestled into a corner in this beautifully decorated bedroom in a beige and brown palette. The best interior designer in Kolkata developed compartments that could accommodate all of your cosmetic needs, and the seat slides down, out of view when not in use.

Vanity in the Style of Hollywood

This Hollywood-style vanity is the pinnacle of luxury. With this build-up, the best interior designer in Kolkata can assist you in mixing your make-up flawlessly.

The best interior designer in Kolkata uses straight, uncomplicated lines to create this stunning vanity. The unframed mirror is installed end-to-end for optimal sight. All of your fashion items and products are kept in tidy boxes.

A vanity that is both loud and current.

This ultra-modern mirror, designed by the best interior designer in Kolkata, serves as a standard table and a vanity. The black and white slant design on the armchair provides a dramatic impression.


Like what you’ve seen so far? For custom-created designs and concepts for your vanity table, contact the top 10 interior designs in Kolkata. Notify them what you need, and then sit back and relax while the best interior designer in Kolkata creates an environment that suits you. For excellent service, you could also employ them for office interior design in Kolkata.