Advantages & Drawbacks of Modular Kitchens from Best Interior Designer
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Modular Kitchen Types

Advantages & Drawbacks of Modular Kitchens from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, modular kitchens constitute both advantages and disadvantages, which we all should know. Many factors govern the installation of these types of kitchens, and if not done properly, they can bring along a lot of obstacles. Hence, one needs good advice from the best interior designer in Kolkata, like Spectrum Interiors, for installing these kitchens.


After installing more than 1000 modular kitchens in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors has shared the following points through which readers can adequately understand the advantages and disadvantages in detail. These are some of the issues that have been derived from real-life experience and not from any conceptual books or so; hence such can be valued upon:


The usefulness of Modular Kitchen Designs


  1. Modular kitchens provide a way to implement proper space utilization technique that other kitchen types. Hence, you can cook and store more food using such type of kitchens.
  2. These are sleek designed as per the latest market trends, providing you exactly what you have always dreamt of about your kitchens. Moreover, it also shows you where you can cook your food items like the “Masterchef” show.
  3. These kitchens provide a lot of working space in the form of storage that makes the working a bit easier than traditional kitchens – said by the best home interior designer in Kolkata.
  4. Such kitchens can easily match your house’s existing interior design theme to provide peace of mind and provide aesthetic values.
  5. Pre-fabricated modular kitchen cabinets make the installation easy and reduce the chance of an error occurring. They also provide an opportunity for repair as the cabinets can be uninstalled quickly.
  6. As per the modular kitchen designers in Kolkata, such kitchens also allow the facility to get cleaned very quickly compared to the former one.


Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen Designs


  1. Sometimes it has been seen that the initial costs of modular kitchens are much higher than the regular ones.
  2. Since modular kitchens are made of pre-fabricated cabinets, they need detailed technical knowledge regarding installation and repair.
  3. Although the kitchen modules can be changed and repaired, sometimes it has been seen that colour theme changes are getting a bit heavy on pocket.
  4. For cases where the existing kitchen designs are to be replaced with modular kitchens, the civil works become a bit challenging.


The best interior designer in Kolkata says that implementing modular kitchens is always a choice for the house owners to suit the needs of the modern lifestyle. However, the costing factor always becomes a part while choosing the same. However, different modular kitchen modules can be customized as per the tenants’ requirements and suit their overall budget.