Bedroom Space Saving Tips from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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Bedroom Space Saving Tips from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, there are lots of challenges that you may face while designing the interior of your bedroom. One of the most faced challenges is the space issue. In today’s world, people are getting accommodated in small apartments. Managing small spaces is one of the most complex challenges for homeowners and interior designers.

You may do it yourself or hire the best interior designer in Kolkata for this project. Here are ten space-saving tips for you when you are planning to design your master bedroom.

  1. Get sconces for your bedroom instead of having table lamps or the other types of lighting fixtures which have to be placed on the floors. Sconces always save a significant amount of space and provide enough lights inside the room.
  2. Smartly use the available surface space so that you can utilize them for storage, sitting and others. Even the bedroom windows can be a great storage area or offer you a nice sitting place. When you cannot get an extra table inside the room, the window can be one where you can keep the table lamp, books and other belongings.
  3. It would help if you embraced the tininess of your bedroom instead of considering it as a challenge. Have a curtain around your bed to get a private section, even in a small bedroom. Put some artwork or wallpapers to give that specific section a personalized look and feel.
  4. When the space is small, less is more in such areas. Forget about having huge dressing tables and keep trim and decorative wall mirrors to give your bedroom a chic and cosy look.
  5. Do not ignore the impact of corner shelves while designing a bedroom that has small space. These corner shelves can be your saviour. Have them in the dead-end of the bed to keep the items you may need at bedtime, a water bottle, books, mobile phone, alarm clock, etc.
  6. Turn your bed into a luggage compartment. This is a splendid idea of small bedrooms. When you hire the top interior design company in Kolkata, they can get you the right carpenter who can do this trick for you. Your bed will become an ideal storage space for your books, shoes, bedsheets and other items. You do not need to keep an additional cupboard for them.
  7. The highly skilled interior designers have brilliant ideas for small bedrooms. They often suggest floating tables and desks for your bedroom where you can have all your important files and other belongings without occupying much space. It can be a cosy nook of that room where your personality can be reflected easily.
  8. It would help if you were practical – said the home interior designer in Kolkata. This is the last but not the least important thing that you need to keep in mind while designing your small bedroom interior. You may need to sacrifice many desires to match that space limitation. Forget about having stylish wardrobes, and instead of that, get a clever arrangement for your clothes. Be practical to get a friendly and intelligent interior without taking much space.

Designing a small bedroom is a big challenge, but when you get the support of the top interior designing company, then the job will become easier for you. They have experience working on such projects and help you get what you want within that small area.