Building Japanese Home: Know from Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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Building Japanese Styled Home: Know from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that everybody desires to build houses that resemble a Japanese style. However, not everybody gets the privilege of making the same because of cultural differences, especially in India. In Japan, people are mainly known for their discipline, which they try to follow every time. Japanese people respect their culture, and they try to follow that tightly enough. 

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, Japanese houses make them different from others. These houses are known as MINKA, which generally possess a different culture. The primary difference between their and our houses was the ZEN feature, which denotes peaceful serenity. This blog will explain the unique feature of these houses and written for those interested in the same.

  1. Provide a Japanese Style to Your Greenery

Japanese people have fond of greenery items. Hence, it would help if you considered including plants like BONSAI and BAMBOO to provide a Japanese feeling to your houses.

  1. Design Entry Point with Genyen and Include a Small Room for Tea

You need to mark the entry points with shoe storage lockers, where different shoes can be kept. Also, the best home interior designer in Kolkata says that we also need to include a small room where everyone can have tea.

  1. Use Plain Carpets on the Floor with Single Color

Maintain a culture of sitting and eating on the floor with attractive carpets that can cover the room fully or partially. 

  1. Use of TATAMI Flooring Option

The best apartment designer in Kolkata says that a Japanese house also use TATAMI floor mats made of natural materials. However, this option can be overlooked in India since these mats tend to increase warmth in the rooms.

  1. Integration of Natural Wood for Walls, Floors and Ceilings

The cutting-edge feature of a Japanese house is the wooding option that increases its natural beauty. You can include such wood items for floors, walls, ceilings, etc., for improving the aesthetics.

  1. Use of Sliding Doors Made of Wood

 Wooden sliding doors are the ones that make a Japanese house unique; hence, you need to consider the same for your homes. Such a kind of option also reduces space complexity, said the best interior designer in Kolkata.

  1. Design the Specific Hallways

For Japanese houses, corridor spaces are made to look unique with wooden options that can make them look beautiful. Moreover, such places have wooden ceilings as well that increase the aesthetics.

  1. Use of Japanese Styled Kitchens

Japanese kitchens are a bit different from our traditional Indian kitchens, said by the best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata. For such kitchens, fish grilling machines are used that is placed generally placed beneath the stoves. Also, there are other storage options beneath the floor that reduces the need for extra space.

  1. Use of a Separate Laundry Room

Japanese people use a separate laundry room for washing clothes, and they don’t even combine that with bathrooms. They are such people with does not allow the dirt to come into their house, for which they are the most disciplined people in the world.

  1. Addition of Natural Fragrances and Scented Option

Japanese houses include scents from the gardens to come into their rooms directly. They have flowers, greenery that can make their homes more refreshing.

Post going through this blog, you can clearly understand the culture that Japanese people follow. However, designing these types of houses can be complex and require the touch of experts. Hence, you need to help interior designing companies like Spectrum Interiors execute them properly.