Choice of Colors for Your Home from the Best Interior Design Company in Kolkata
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Choice of Colors for Your Home from the Best Interior Design Company in Kolkata

The colors that we pick from different pages of some interior magazines, might not work well in case we are picking them for our homes. If we choose colors like brown or red, that might provide a dark feeling in our houses and might not look great either.

According to some of the best interior designers in Kolkata, colors play the most vital role in home interior designs and choosing the right color palette is considered to be the toughest thing. Given below are some of the points – which can discuss some of the important facts about the color combination to be used in home interior designs.

1) Dark Color Combination vs. Light Color Combination

In-home interior design and decoration, colors that are closed to red are considered to be closer to you and which are violet are considered to be receding away from you.

In case, you consider dark colors like red, brown, black, etc. them your room might appear to be small, consequently, if you choose colors like light blue, white, yellow, etc. then your room might appear to be larger.

2) Main Attention is Being Drawn from Pure Colors

A pure color is one that draws attention from you and is obtained from the combination of two different colors. This is mainly done to paint a certain section of the area that can act as a focal point.

3) Surrounding Items Play a Lot for Affecting the Colors

When you are planning the color combination of a room, you need to be very particular while choosing the combinations of colors. This means that you need to keep the items of colors that can complement each other – like green with yellow and not red with green.

4) Effect of Colors on Your Mood

We all know that colors play a lot when it comes to mood swings. You probably cannot feel happy inside a room – which is painted in black as a whole. Hence, we need to define the purpose clearly – before choosing the colors for our rooms. Colors like light blue and green can provide us with a cool and calm effect – while colors like red, orange and yellow bring us more energy. However, we need to consider the wright proportion while doing the colors, as too much color combination can make that lose its purpose.

5) Colors Come Differently Under Different Lights

A well-known fact about colors is their ability to act differently under a different source of light like sunlight and artificial light. This is the reason why the home interior designers recommend performing a path test for the colors – before actually applying them to your rooms. Colors like yellow and orange perform the best under sunlight – while blue and green are seen as the best under a white light source.