Choosing the Right Focal Point for Your Living Room: Tips from Best Interior Designers
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Choosing the Right Focal Point for Your Living Room: Tips from Best Interior Designers

A focal point is a thing where your eyes land on when you enter a particular room. It can be a piece of furniture, a rug, a lampshade, or the fireplace installing in that room. The importance of creating a focal point in a living room is huge. It can change the mood and add aesthetical value to an otherwise simple-looking room. A professional interior designer in Kolkata can suggest to you how to choose the right focal point for your living room.

How to Choose the Right Focal Point?

Choosing the right focal point in a room involves a lot of matter. The first thing that you need to do is arranging the furniture in the right way. Experienced interior decorators can help you to understand the right positioning of a furniture piece as per its functionality, practicality, and aesthetics of the room.

Sometimes, it is just an architectural feature that can play the role of the focal point of your room around which the arrangement of various types of furniture pieces can give it that desired appearance. In many cases, it can be an art piece, a designer mirror, a special picture or painting, or a dramatic piece of furniture that can be the centre of attraction of the room.

Skilled and experienced interior designers always try to select that focal point based on a few factors. They give enough time to cultivate the entire room and its other objects to determine that one single piece of attraction that can steal the show.

Vital Points to Keep in Mind

  • Before you decide on the matter, look around the room and point out the “biggest feature.” From a picture window to a built-in bookcase – it can be anything that is catching your eyes easily. This should be your focal point.
  • If your living room does not have any such distinguishing architectural element, you can pick a large piece of furniture like a sofa or a king chair for this purpose.
  • A focal point must be something visually appealing, exclusive, and colourful. It may or may not have any practical use, but it must have a big impact on the visual structure of the room.
  • Walls with decorative wallpapers, unique artwork, or an exclusive floral arrangement can be the focal point of your living room.
  • It is advisable to build your furniture arrangement right around the focal point so that it can be the first thing people notice after entering the room.

What is the Role of Interior Design Companies?

Top interior design companies have highly talented and creative minds working for them. They know how to select and create the right kind of focal point for your living room according to the rest of the style of the interior.

Spectrum Interiors work with all types of clients who need to create smart, contemporary, and elegant living rooms in their houses. We help them to create a focal point that is as unique and beautiful as their persona.

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