Designing of Home Verandah through Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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Designing of Home Verandah Area through the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that the verandah area serves as an entry point for our house; hence, that has primary importance. An adequately designed verandah area can make your house look the utmost beautiful and provide the look you have always wanted. This is such a place where the family members can enjoy their friends, family members, etc. One can spend quality time here by enjoying beautiful weather conditions, having a sip of drink or tea, etc. In western countries, the verandah area is also used to install outdoor kitchens, where large parties are held. Hence, the best interior designer in Kolkata has put some interesting points that can help you design the verandah area of your choice. Given below are some of those points that one can find very interesting:

  1. Define the Definite Purpose 

It would help if you defined the definite purpose behind the construction of your verandah area. This includes whether the house owners would use it for garden area, parking area, etc. 

  1. Construction of Ceiling Area

As per the best home interior designer in Kolkata, verandah areas are normally kept open to enjoy the weather and see the bright sky. However, this technique is a bit problematic in countries like India, where summers are sweltering and uncomfortable. Hence, it is advisable to include some semi-transparent ceilings that can cover awkward features. You can consist of a fibre/polycarbonate sheet to help the light come in and prevent the rains. Sometimes, louvres and fabric shades can also help in the design process, as seen in many hotels.

  1. The Shape of Your In-House Verandah

In countries like India, it has been seen that the verandah area is made in shapes like square and rectangular. However, suppose they are made in conditions like a curve and include a swimming pool to make it more beautiful, the best interior designer in Kolkata. In that case, Spectrum Interiors can implement the same through their certified experts.

  1. Installation of Attractive Garden Area

When installing proper garden places, installing the appropriate type of plants is necessary, as does the landscape design. If that is not done the right way, water seepage problems and insects’ problems arise, making one’s life problematic. Sometimes, attractive seating arrangements are also made so that the homeowners can enjoy seating in their garden spaces comfortably. However, while doing the same, a proper definition of spaces for seating and adequate space for plantation is necessary.

  1. Decking Solution for Houses

This is the most modern solution that is applicable for houses, where modern designs are desired. In such cases, a wooden decking solution is implemented for feet like about 1 meter or 1 foot to make it a perfect solution. You will have the answer to pit furniture arrangements in the decking solution or create a pavilion for an ideal solution. 

Given above are some of the expert-level tips shared by interior design companies in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors. One can consider some of these ideas to create a modern or traditional verandah space to benefit the house owners. Although the primary purpose of verandah spaces can be many, the primary function of the same will always be aesthetic features. However, one should always consider the functional aspect of the same as well to benefit the most from the same.