Designing Your Office at Post-COVID Time: Know What Top Interior Decorators Have to Say
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Designing Your Office at Post-COVID Time: Know What Top Interior Decorators Have to Say

The COVID-19 pandemic has tip-up every segment of our life, including our office schedules. This phase has taken a toll on our choices of how and where we work. Even now, people are getting back to offices and starting over their “normal office schedules” restrictions are still there to maintain social distancing and ensuring the safety of all. In such situations, many organisations are considering redesigning their office space to ensure the ultimate safety of their employees.

Professional office interior designers in Kolkata are right here with some brilliant ideas of office redecorating that can suit the post-COVID demand of space management in offices. If you are also thinking of changing or rearranging the designing element in your office after this pandemic, these tips may help you.

How to Make the Office Ready for Pandemic Protocols?

Rework on the Layout

Since you need to rearrange the sitting positions of your employees, you should work on the layout first. Competent and reliable interior designers understand how to study an office layout to bring some practical changes in the same. They keep the regulation of “maintain six-foot distance” between workstations while working on it.

Arrange the Desks Practically

It would be great if you could arrange the desks more practically than ever after this pandemic. Design desks that can be separated from each other instead of installing adjoining working tables. The single cubicles can work perfectly right for post-pandemic office redesigning projects to maintain the norm of social distancing.

Open Floor Plans

If you think that installing individual work cubicles can eat up more space, you can stick to that classic open floor plan to make things working for you. This kind of office layout design never goes outdated. You can keep the work desks at safe distances when you design an open floor plan. Since they are much easier to keep clean, nothing can be more appropriate than an open floor plan in this current situation.

Use Adaptable Furniture

It would be great to add kinetic, flexible, and adaptable furniture and office appliances to make things easier for your employees. Ensure that the sets of furniture you choose are easy to disinfect and clean in a regular manner. You should also pay attention to the comfort of your workers because many of them are joining the office after getting recovered from this deadly disease.

Smaller Conference Rooms

Instead of investing most of your floor to make a conference room, you should go for a smaller one. Nowadays, teleconferencing is the safest trend of having all kinds of business communications. Hence, you should not have a big conference room inside the office. Have a small one with cosy sitting arrangements where formal meetings can be done comfortably.

Spectrum Interiors can provide you with the most experienced interior decorator in Kolkata for your office redesigning plans. When you have such a talented and dedicated team right beside you, rearranging your office interior after a pandemic will not be a big challenge.

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