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Eco-Friendly Bricks

Eco-Friendly Bricks in Construction – Know from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, the world population is increasing, for which they need for construction is going up. However, a lot of energy is consumed for ongoing structures to happen; hence we all need to depend on the quality materials for the same. The point is finished on the building construction, but it is even required for the daily running of the same as well. Adding to the above fact, we also have to be cautious about the environment and eco-friendly building materials. In this blog, the best interior designer in Kolkata will explain those eco-building materials in detail.

Here in this blog, Spectrum Interiors (awarded best interior designer in Kolkata) will explain the concept of Eco-Brick and its applications in buildings. Let’s see how these bricks work in building construction, different types and the methods they follow in construction:

Eco-Friendly Brick Types     

  1. Bricks that are Prepared Using Garbage Disposal

As the population is getting increased in the world, the rise of garbage disposal rises accordingly. This includes the dangerous plastic waste as well, which is very dangerous to the environment. Although it is not possible to eliminate the garbage, we can find a way to recycle them by using them in the construction process. There comes the process called “CONEX” that uses organic waste to convert into construction materials called “Eco Bricks”. The best home interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors, says that this is the construction industry’s future and can be worth looking at.

  1. Porotherm Bricks – That Can Help Keeping Environment Cooler

As per the best apartment designers in Kolkata, POROTHERM bricks are such kind of bricks that are ideal for countries like India. These kinds of bricks help keep the temperature of the rooms cooler so that external cooling agents like AC’s are not required in the process. These bricks are made using natural materials like coal ash or rice husk that helps in the recycling process and help the environment.

Some of the main advantages of using Porotherm bricks – shared by interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors are given below:

–         High Tensile Strength: Such bricks provide a great strength that leads to a strong foundation.

–         Thermal Power: High thermal power level helps in the process of moisture absorption.

–         Cost-Effectiveness: There is a massive opportunity in saving cost for these kinds of bricks since they are made up of natural materials and, most of the time, with unwanted things.

Aid in Construction Speed: Since these bricks are light, they help complete the construction process quickly.

At long last, these blocks, when utilized, keep a dry and clean site function as they don’t leave any garbage to arrange. They can likewise be used in load-bearing or non-load bearing dividers too. The solitary drawback is they can’t be used in skyscraper structures because of less thickness. 

Finally, they must be utilized in divider development and not establishment or some other construction part. Their sole object is to give protection to the divider to an agreeable inside temperature.