False Ceiling Designs: Great Way to Make Your Roof Mind Blowing
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Bedroom False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Designs: Great Way to Make Your Roof Mind Blowing

Getting bored at home during this Covid-19 pandemic and getting ready for a home makeover? You should start working on from the Roof of your home. Some of the best interior designers in Kolkata say that false ceilings make the base of your rooms and should be looked into – before doing any other tasks. In case you are considering POP or paint for your false ceilings, then you might be considering things in the past. Gypsum false ceilings with mesmerizing designs are what you can consider for your home to make it look awesome.

Check some of the latest false ceiling designs – shared by some of the top false ceiling contractors in Kolkata:

1) False Ceiling for Dining Area

Here you can consider adding a false ceiling made of top-quality wood and adding lighting options embedded within the same or hanging along to please your mind.

Wooden False Ceiling Designs (1)

2) Flower False Ceiling for Living Room

You can consider adding this false ceiling to your living rooms to add along with a touch of elegance. The combination of the flower with the jail-cutting design is what can impress your neighbours.


3) Rectangular False Ceilings for Bedrooms

This type of false ceilings is perfectly suited for bedrooms and are normally rectangular-shaped add along with all the custom features that the owner would like to integrate for their bedrooms.

Bedroom False Ceiling Design

4) Mesmerizing False Ceiling for Kids’ Rooms

This type of false ceiling designs is especially suited for kid’s room – as it includes adding custom designs that would please the mind of the kids. This is normally done taking into consideration the best Vastu-friendly practices – so that the kids can concentrate on their works.

False Ceiling for Kids' Room

5) Round Shaped False Ceiling Designs

This type of false ceiling designs is suited for both bedrooms and living rooms. However, living rooms are best suited for the same, as these designs can cover-up the living room’s space and volume.

Round Shaped False Ceiling Design