Five staircase ideas for a small house in Kolkata
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Five staircase ideas for a small house in Kolkata

While stairs in Indian residences frequently look to be thrown together at the final minute, matters are undoubtedly distinct to Small Indian Houses. Smaller houses require different designs than more significant buildings, and stairs are a must-have element because they extend beyond the ground level.

The dingiest areas of the house may be changed into gorgeous steps and stairs, raising the individual and the house to a greater level with a bit of thinking and effort. How? Let’s have a look at a few of the stairs suggestions from an interior decorator in Kolkata who will teach you how to make the most of large capacity while maintaining maximum elegance.

White Cornered

Another of the ideal places to have your staircases put is in the corners of your house. Possessing a compact house means that your staircases should be high and divided into sections to reach all floors. For instance, a single staircase is divided into four sections, allowing a user to effortlessly progress from the bottom floor to the first and second floors. You can hire an interior decorator in Kolkata for quality service if you want a white corner staircase.

Narrow, small, and tall

Suppose you don’t have much area and can’t use multi-level stairs. In that case, you’ll enjoy this suggestion from an interior decorator in Kolkata for lightweight hardwood stairs with every step somewhat taller than typical. Surround them on both sides with white walls to disguise it and make a healthier atmosphere.

Open and practical

A staircase could be used as a storing area in several circumstances, such as the one described here. The area below the stairs has been transformed into a storeroom for pillows, comforters, and bedsheets, while tiny stairs climb above the following storey. The interior decorator in Kolkata has maintained the staircase devoid of solid handrails and has utilized sturdy metal wires to give safety that extends to the ceiling.

Aside from the Gallery at the entrance,

If you want your house to have a design like this, hiring an Interior decorator in Kolkata to place stairs right next to the door is wise. This style is excellent for families that have split their homes into two sections. For example, one could go to their room without disturbing the other.

Corner with Light

If you have stepped into a corner of your home, this concept from an interior decorator in Kolkata of illuminating the stairs from within will most likely appeal to you. A large shelf and other materials have been installed beneath the stairs once more. A wooden pillar additionally supports the overall framework.


Yes, you can engage an interior designer in Kolkata to install a spiral stairway in your house; however, you must first choose the ideal location and the best interior decorator in Kolkata. Because you can’t put them in any corner of your corridor, it’s best to put them in a remote centralized location where they won’t be seen. For instance, a spiral staircase is constructed right next to a room door in the image above.

Alternatively, this space might have stayed vacant. This room’s patio would be accessible via the stairs. If any of the concepts mentioned above appeal to you, you can contact an interior design company in Kolkata for professional assistance.