Follow the Steps to Give Your Living Rooms a Cosy Feeling this Winter
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Living Room Design Ideas

Follow the Steps to Give Your Living Rooms a Cosy Feeling this Winter

With the advent of the winter season, the city of Joy is bringing back to life again. Finally, it’s time to enjoy the cool breeze with a hope of Covid-19 vaccine to deliver in the upcoming months. This time is ideal for comfort-loving Bengalis to relax in their high back chairs and read along with newspapers or watching TV with a cup of tea or coffee. However, the best interior designers in Kolkata say that none of these can be attained unless you design your living rooms accordingly. Scroll down this blog to find out what the best interior designer in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors says in this regard.

White Painting

Grey is a type of colour that full goes along with winter season for the majority of the time we see the sky gets covered with grey clouds in this time. However, it is advisable to use some of the variants of grey colour, i.e. white is the best option in this case. First of all, add blue coloured fabric to the sofas and their cushions to add a royal touch. Secondly, make sure that your walls and your ceilings are coloured in white – to reflect a peaceful feeling to relax on. Last but not least, make sure to use florescent white colour – that can add warmth to your living rooms.

Lakeside Ambiance Environment

Usually, it is believed that the cool breeze generated from the leaves or green bushes brings along a chill flavour. However, the living room designers in Kolkata says that placing an indoor plant in a living room is something that can help restores warm feeling in the room. Also, a combination of sofas with an intense colour like white, pink, parrot green, etc. can provide your living rooms with a cosy feeling.

Sunshine or Dawning Effect

Concentrate on bringing along sunshine to the living rooms by adding a sense of yellow colour. This colour is highly energetic and helps in offering multiple moods. Hence, get a warm and cosy living room design in this winter season with a sense of yellow that depicts a highly vibrant colour. You can also mix glowing pink/orange colour to make your living rooms look cosier in winter days.

Southern Style Living Room

The best home interior designers in Kolkata say that pastel green colour is an ideal palette to depict southern states as the greenery there brings you into an alternate world. Thus, add a similar crisp inclination to your lounge style by adding this tone in textures and paint of your home. Likewise, consolidate white tone to upgrade the appearance of a comfortable parlour in the colder time of year season. 

Paint it in a Right Manner

Add strong dim shading with a hint of white to paint the dividers and get some white-hued furniture the space to raise the appearance of a lounge room. The expansion of planner ceiling fixtures in the place will make it a comfortable undertaking which set the state of mind for unwinding in the colder time of year season.