How to build a Japanese Styled House?
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How to build a Japanese Styled House?

Japan is known for its culture that is intertwined with celebration. They emphasize positivity and discipline. Japanese have always been rooted in their fundamental practices. Their household and lifestyle have a system and habits that are passed on to generations.

Every Japanese household possesses the essence of its traditions. A traditional Japanese house is known as MINKA. There are several facets of Japanese-style houses. Several interior design companies in Kolkata have picked up the soul of a Japanese house; they know exactly how to change your house into one.

Here we see how the top interior designers of Kolkata feed your obsession with intriguing Japanese design and arrangement.

This blog will make you learn a lot about the Japanese style of living, go through and change your home.

Tips to turn your house into a Japanese Styled Home

1.    Stay close to Nature

Interior design companies in Kolkata have all accessories and ideas of Japanese style. It’s considered that one should be connected with nature; our home is a place we belong. That’s how we feel belonging to nature. Well equipped, and large windows and verandah with planters give a perfect touch of Japanese tradition. The interior designers of Kolkata also suggest adding Japanese plants like Bamboo, Bonsai, palm, and orchids; it is all considered to bring fortune and promote a healthy environment in the house.

2.    Installation of a Tea Room by Interior designer of Kolkata

This is a very important area in every Japanese household, a Tea room. They enjoy sitting together with their delicacies. It’s a way they enjoy their family time. The top interior designer of Kolkata has amazing and beautiful ideas for designing a Japanese Tea room.

3.    Adapt their Discipline

As mentioned above, Japanese culture is driven by discipline; they have a rack known as “Genyen”. It is constructed at the entrance where members and visitors of the house place their footwear. This particular area isn’t crowded with multiple pieces of furniture; it is kept simple and easily appears as one enters the house.

4.    Installing of Carpets on the floor

The most basic feature of a Japanese household is that the floors are extensively covered with light-coloured carpets. This is because they are social by nature and love spending leisure time with family, and they mostly sit on floors. The carpet is plain usually and makes the area look spacious. The interior designer of Kolkata keeps a range of plain and light-coloured carpets, as it gives the house a brilliant look.

5.    Exotic look with woods

The whole concept of a Japanese house is to make the surrounding nature with low materialistic or fancy accessories.

Mostly they prefer wooden ceilings and walls with detailed instructions and designs. This is an exotic way of living that is cherished exceptionally.


The top interior designers of Kolkata have researched a lot about Japanese culture and way of living, which directly impacts the house and its design. From colours to arrangement it can give your house the best look. There are a lot of features of a Japanese household.

For instance, they have hallways for movement within the house; in the living room, they have a paper screening partition to maintain privacy and many other methods to give an authentic look to the house.