How to Create an Interior Design with a Blend of Modern and Traditional Styles
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How to Create an Interior Design with a Blend of Modern and Traditional Styles

If you love that old queen size mahogany bed of your grandparents and also find that modern dressing table you have seen in your friend’s house fascinating, then you are one of those who love the combination of modern and traditional styles.

You probably love to see that amalgamation in your interior design as well. As per the top interior designer in Kolkata, this is quite a common interior designing trend lately. People love to see a perfect blend of tradition and fresh features to determine the style of their home’s interior. If you are among them, this blog will surely help you to get some ideas on how to create an interior design with that seamless blend of contemporary style and traditional aesthetical features. The best interior design company in Kolkata can help you with this.

Choosing the Right Type of Furniture

Traditional furniture pieces are neither slick nor handy. If you prefer that style, you must have some heavy items with grand artistic features. If you prefer to have a traditional large and regal style sofa, choose it in a lighter shade to get a modern look. The same goes with beds. You can choose a traditional mahogany bed with antique wooden designs at the headboard for a room with a minimal colour combination. That bed will work as the focal point of that room.

Blending of Colours

As per the traditional style of using colours in a particular room, you can choose a bold accent with multiple patterns and bright colours. For the opposite wall, you can have a lighter shade. Neutral colours can go perfect with bold and bright colours, and you will get that perfect combination of old and new as per your wish.

Linen and Curtains

A room full of traditional furniture items can have a beautiful set of linens and curtains with contemporary designs and colour tones. The best interior designer in Kolkata can help you to choose the right kind of modern style of curtains for your rooms that has traditional furniture. Your room can look elegant with such unique mixing of two different styles.

Look for the Right Accessories

When it comes to choosing the right accessories for your interior design, you can get a perfect blending of traditional and modern styles. For a living room that has a minimal design with an all-white sofa set, you can choose a very gorgeous, colourful and decorative rug to create a statement look. This will add more character to your interior and create a perfect combination of fresh designs with traditional styles.

Lighting Fittings

A contemporary living room can look unique, with a traditional chandelier can get a fresh and elegant aesthetics. You can even try traditional lamp-like lighting fittings for your modern bathroom to give it an exclusive and bold look.

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