How to Decorate Your Small Living Room?
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How to Decorate Your Small Living Room?

Living in a small house can be blissful. You have smaller space to maintain and clean. But, living in a small house can be challenging too. You need to learn how to arrange everything as per your daily requirement within that limited space. A brilliant interior decoration idea can help you to understand how to decorate a small living room in a not-so-big apartment.

You might need the assistance of a top interior designer in Kolkata to understand how to decorate small places to keep everything in order and create an eye-catching interior.

  • Utilise Your Weird Angles

A small living room often has weird angles that seem odd to utilise. A smart interior decorator always uses such odd angles in the most dramatic manner to give your small area that desired appearance. If it has a weird wall, transform it into the focal point of the room by keeping a designer mirror or using creative wallpaper on it.

  • Create Style with Piles of Textiles

A small living room can be an ideal Boho style interior with the perfect use of textile and linens. Use multicolour pillows and colourful rugs for such living areas. You can opt for a Turkish rug to get an inviting sitting arrangement for your small living room. You can also opt for woven wall hanging to match that textile and rug.

  • Keep the Floor Empty

Since the space is small, you cannot keep a lot of things on the floor because that can reduce the foot space in your living room and make it look clumsy. Install wall-hanging wardrobes, smart lights and other items to keep the floor space empty for walking and standing comfortably.

  • Smart Lighting

The use of smart lighting can make some dramatic changes in your living room which otherwise looks dull. You can arrange smart lighting fittings that hang from walls and create optical illusions of space. Such lights also free up space on the floor. It also brings dimensions to your living room walls.

  • Floor Sitting

Instead of putting bulky sofas, you can try a floor sitting arrangement with small stools or one armchair in the corner of the room. This will keep the floor vacant and will create an asymmetric look and feel that always seems chic.

  • Choose a Large Carpet

The small living room can look larger when you choose a large rug or carpet for the same. Cover the entire floor area with the rug and keep all the furniture on it. The large size of the rug will not break up the floor. You can have corner seating to get the maximum space in the middle of the room.

Look for the Right Interior Designer

Only an experienced and efficient interior designing company in Kolkata can provide you with flawless design ideas for your small living rooms. You can change the entire look and feel of your living space with these brilliant ideas.

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