Know about Optimum Balcony Use from Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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Know about Optimum Balcony Use from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, a balcony allows you to catch a glimpse of the outside world, even when you are in your own private space. With apartments getting smaller and smaller and sky-high real estate prices preventing many homeowners from buying a larger area, it has become more important to make use of every inch of available space. Redoing your balcony with the help of the best interior designer in Kolkata can help you do just that and transform it into another functional and aesthetically appealing area of your house. Here is how you can do that.

Space Saving Furniture

You can use space-saving, foldable furniture that can transform the balcony into an impromptu seating area. This can be really handy when you have additional guests in the house, and the living room does not suffice alone.

Or, if you have a small apartment that does not allow you space for a home office, you can use the balcony to create a niche where you can work and admire the view at the same time that goes a long way in reducing the monotony. This is an excellent idea for those working from home during the pandemic and who craves some variety during a regular workday stuck at home.

Storage Space

If you do not have adequate storage space inside the apartment or in case they are already overflowing, you can use the balcony to make some new ones. Interior design companies will show how you can tactfully build storage spaces in the balcony without taking up additional floor space inside the apartment.

One of the best ways is to use waterproof cabinets materials that will keep all your items safe and dry even if your balcony gets some rain splashes during the monsoons. In-built cabinets can be discreetly added to the balconies, making optimum use of space.

Using Outdoor Rugs

If you want a minimal design and do not want to add more furniture to the living space, you can also use your balcony by creating an informal lounge area with the help of outdoor floor rugs.

Add some comfortable cushions, plush bean bags, a low Japanese coffee table, and you are good to go. It would be a great area to hang out with your friends or read a book by yourself. You can also add a small swing in the corner to make the space cozy and playful at the same time.

Create a Garden

You do not need extensive areas of land to create a garden. You can transform your balcony into a mini garden with the help of beautiful potted plants, hanging pots, and vines that will eventually grow along the lattice to create a most dreamy ambience. Add some fairy lights to it, and you have the perfect setting for a romantic date right at home.

You can transform your balcony and make it an extension of your drawing room or bedroom, the most areas of the house that usually houses the balcony. With an interior designer in Kolkata, you will get just what you need.