How to Rightly Design Your Verandah Area?
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How to Rightly Design Your Verandah Area?

Doesn’t it seem amazing to have an open space, a space specially designed to enjoy the weather by being in the vicinity of your home?

That’s the idea of a verandah, a beautiful foyer that lets one have extra space for ceremonies or get-togethers. It is always a brilliant idea to have a decorated corridor; it gives a stunning look to the house.

The interior designer company of Kolkata brought many ideas to set a verandah efficiently so that there is no lack of floor space.

The article shows smart ways to fit in a verandah, as it would grace the interior and frontier look along with several perks of having open space.

Set up a Verandah with the help of the best interior design company in Kolkata:

Know the Purpose

It is important to recognize the usability of the verandah. One can construct a verandah for garden space or a concrete area for extra space. It’s also used to accommodate space for parking of vehicles. Your purpose would lead the interior design companies to have their ideas as per your requirements.

This was the step to initialize.

A Cover for your Verandah

Usually, the concept of the verandah is to have an open space. Still, keeping in mind the extremely hot weather faced nowadays, the interior designer company in Kolkata brings an alternative to this. It is ideal for installing semi-transparent ceilings to ensure the natural and luminous area is still there.

There are many ways; for example, a polycarbonate sheet allows light to come in.

Also, louvres give a luxurious look to your spacing. Fabric shade is also a reliable idea as it gives a light and classy look, which can also be removed if the excruciating sun doesn’t appear.

These ideas would look great if the chosen colours and size is appropriate. There are top Interior Designers in Kolkata who can get one the right combination and set up.

Contouring of the Verandah

Primarily, the verandah is a protruding part from the rest of the house. It gives it an independent feature to be designed uniquely. You can have your verandah ceiling and floor cover the space into various shapes with unique patterns. There is a range of ideas and even approaches by the interior designer of Kolkata that can fulfil the unique and spacious look. Curved, squares, rectangles, or hybrid styles, many shapes can be implemented.

The landscape setting of Verandah

Verandah is often for plantation and garden purposes, but designing doesn’t mean place the planters. Instead, it should ensure that there is no further problem like space for movement and water seepage. The right way to set up is to raise the movement area a few millimetres.

Natural stones and lights around the edges can also bring out a beautiful look.

Seating arrangement

It would be wonderful to have some space to sit. Some furniture can be installed above the deck. It looks beautiful and well equipped with decent chairs that do not take a lot of space. The interior designers of Kolkata come up with brilliant ideas to build the verandah with good areas to sit. It allows you to have leisure time in your verandah.