Interior Design for Rental Houses – Things that Tenant Often Looks For
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Interior Design for Rental Houses – Things that Tenant Often Looks for in Kolkata

We all know that Kolkata is a city of harmony and for an opportunity – this city has provided the bread for many young men and women. However, the men and women you have got the opportunities in Kolkata are not necessarily from the city i.e. Kolkata, and are either from other cities in India or from the villages. This is the reason, the professionals who are not inhibited in Kolkata fall in the need for standard rental houses – which can help them stay in the city for a long amount of time.

But, we all know that house is like a place that we worship and stay for our comfort, hence it is very necessary to design them as per the demand of the tenants in the tenants in the market. According to Spectrum Interiors, who has been awarded the best interior designer in Kolkata for the year 2019-2020 – tenants have a lot of fascination when it comes to choosing the designs for rental houses or apartments.

Below given are some of the best choices that the tenants prefer – when it comes to choosing the rental homes for their houses in cities like Kolkata. This has been shared by the best home interior designers or flat interior designers.

1) Interior Designs that Include Open Floors

This is quite common nowadays, as the tenants don’t prefer congested areas anymore. Most common for houses in Kolkata – that doesn’t have enough spaces to include. The house owners can drop-off a wall or two to include a dining room, living room, and kitchen together.

2) Include Enough Lighting and a Proper Ventilation System

In Kolkata, the tenants now prefer rooms with large windows – that can start from the floors and touches the ceiling to include proper light to enter them and can also check the flow of air-circulation throughout the room. Proper lights can make the color of the rooms look brighter as well, so there is nothing compared to this type of windows.

3) Provide a Considerable Amount of Storage

The proper amount and attractive room storage can help the tenants prefer your rental house even more. However, you need to provide them in a very proper manner – to ensure that the overall interior doesn’t look congested. There are some kind of contemporary shutters available that also have mirrors included on them – which might solve the purpose.

4) Modular-Kitchen Design

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms for your houses; hence, it is very important to include kitchens that are aesthetically friendly and fully-functional as well. However, the house owners need to ensure that they are not in the north-east corner of the house.

5) Use of Top-quality Material

Renting of fully-furnished flats is very common for rental houses in Kolkata. However, the house owners need to ensure that the quality of the materials used for furnishing is decent – otherwise, the tenants are not going to stay for long.

6) Outdoor Room Space

The apartments having a proper balcony is what sells more and at higher prices in Kolkata. This is because every tenant wants to spend some time in the balcony to look over the locality and enjoy some fresh air.

7) Ready-Made and Vastu Friendly

You need to ensure that the houses are ready-made and don’t require any repair works, otherwise, your rental cost might get lowered down. Vastu-friendly interior concepts are also very common – that can ensure the flow of wellbeing and happiness into your houses. 

8) Flooring and Lighting Options

Flooring options are also very much essential for rental homes, some of the existing tiles which are scratched or broken can be replaced with laminated or wooden floors.

Artificial lighting options can also help you in decorating your rental homes. Proper white lights can enhance the color combination ability and to make them look very beautiful. Nowadays, lights can hang from the walls of the ceilings as well – which saves space or increase the aesthetics.

With all points considered above, proper interior design and decoration for homes or apartments can become very complex and can make you lose a huge amount of money. Hence, it is always important to consult the best interior designers in Kolkata to solve this purpose.