Interior Designs for the Hospitality Industry is Changing Due to Covid-19
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Interior Designs for the Hospitality Industry is Changing Due to Covid-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the hospitality industry is amongst one of those sectors that have taken a bit hit. Statistics have shown that the net profit of the sectors was down by a huge margin and many of them are even thinking about permanently closing them, as the loss incurred by them is huge.

However, according to some of the best interior designers in Kolkata, many hospitality sectors are feeling optimistic in recent time and some of them are even considering returning with much more operations. As per the announcements made by the top hotel industries, many of the hotels have now partnered with the top multi-national companies to introduce a new working facility i.e., work from hotels. This decision is taken by the company CEO’s as many employees of them are complaining about the fact that they don’t have a proper infrastructure at their home for working. Hotels have a dedicated Wi-Fi facility and they have been practising some of the latest sanitization protocols to help in preventing the disease. 

Some of the interior decoration companies in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors have seen a surge in their demands from the hospitality industries – post this lockdown phase in cities of India like Kolkata. As per them, some of the latest changing facts about the hospitality industry are briefly classified below for your reference:

The Safety Measures

The hospitality industries will be taking safety precautions very seriously after they re-open. Considering the case of the restaurants, all of their staff will wear an N95 mask safety gloves on a mandatory basis. While cleaning the tables after the dining of a group of people, the staff will clean the tables with sanitizers (something which we’re not used before). Also, large gatherings in the restaurants are trying to be avoided and appointments are being taken before serving them. Also, the kitchens are getting sanitized properly and regularly – including daily temperature checks of their staff.

Focus Will be More on Technology

As per the latest buzz, almost all of the hotels or restaurants in the hospitality sector will be introducing more tech-friendly features like Self-check-in Kiosks, Kiosk-cum sanitizer, digital payment method via UPI, E-Wallets etc.

Interior Design Works will be Done, Focusing on the Environment

Although the world is suffering a lot from the impacts of Covid-19, the environment has started to heal itself gradually – the pollution level has gone down dramatically. Designers are now working on reducing carbon footprints or emissions. Also, the designs are made in such a way, so that the environment has always been taken care of. Some of the hospitality sectors are also considering concentrating on the exterior space as well, with the interior.

Inclusion of Sanitization Chambers

This is by far the best way to restrict a customer from carrying the virus from the outside of your hotel or restaurant premises to the interior. A sanitization chamber disinfects the whole body by spraying the sanitizers all over it. After the sanitizers are sprayed on the body and social distancing are maintained, the hotel/restaurant can fully ensure proper safety for them and their other customers.

In this world of uncertainty and crisis during this Covid-19 pandemic, taking the decision about the best sanitization protocols and maintaining an interior design like that can be very difficult. Consider contacting some of the best interior design and decoration companies in Kolkata for some experts help.