Interior Work for Kolkata’s Homes: From the Eyes of an Interior Company
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Interior Work for Kolkata’s Homes: From the Eyes of the Best Interior Company in Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the city of joy, this is because of its long heritage and the series of festivals that occur in Kolkata throughout the year. Kolkata is mainly inhibited by Bengalis – who likes to celebrate and enjoy their life. The taste of the Bengalis are somewhat different from what you will get in other parts of India, Bengalis like to preserve their heritage and like to live in the present with good memories of the past.

However, with the help of some of the best interior companies in Kolkata, the city has seen some tremendous improvement in the form of construction-related works. If you take some spare time to walk around the street of Dalhousie, Part Street, Camac Street, or Sector V in Salt Lake, you can see many tall buildings – constructed with the latest decorative features. Most of the interior designs in Kolkata are from the influence which has come from the British, the Jewish, or the Mughals. 

Know About Kolkata’s Latest Interior Design Trends

As per the latest trends in Kolkata, people are no longer looking for large homes, rather they are looking for small and compact apartments – which are easy to maintain and less costly. However, the basic taste of the people in Kolkata is still the same and they just want an improvisation of their previous taste and aesthetics.

Contemporary Interior Solution with Antique Items

The latest tradition for the homes in Kolkata is to use sleek and antique furniture items in their contemporary design. You can use antique high back chairs, antique dining tables, or writer’s desk to complete the design. Some of the houses also use some antique sofa sets in their living rooms – mainly for interior design and decoration purposes.

Optimal Use of Spaces in Your Rooms

 This is the most common practice for most of the apartments in Kolkata. Some of the best interior designers in Kolkata can utilize the spaces available for you to install a small modular kitchen or they can also use the kitchen spaces for installing some folding coffee tables or dining tables. This is mainly done for attaining the guests – who can come along without giving any prior notice to you. You can also use a sofa-cum-bed in your living room for accommodating the guests as well.

Use of Modern Light or natural Light

A proper lighting solution is what makes your home attractive and aesthetically friendly before the eyes of others as well. You can use some contemporary lighting solutions from the ceilings or at your walls, but you also need to consider the flow of natural lights as well. The use of special windows that start from the bottom and reaches out to the ceilings can allow a huge amount of light to come to your rooms, especially the living rooms. 

Use of Floors Combining Latest and Traditional Styles

The floors of the rooms in Kolkata are mainly made of attractive tiles – which can spruce up the look. You can use wooden floors or can use tiles that can resemble the wood. The use of marbles is also common in some cases – although marbles can get a bit costly sometimes.

Comfortable Seating Arrangements     

People in Kolkata have a very old love relation with comfortable seating arrangements. Bengalis love to seat on some special high back chairs or some relax on chairs – which can provide an out of the feeling for them. They mainly like to place those chairs on their balconies, from where they can see the whole world before them and listen to some light music accordingly. Some consider this to be amongst the most important part – while buying a new home for them.

Home interior designs can be complex sometimes, in case, you have not contacted the right home interior designer in Kolkata to complete the task. Interior designers need to have the feeling that you want them to understand, hence, it is always recommended to consider some of the best interior designers and decorators in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors, to fit your requirements.