Know About Different Kinds of False Ceilings from the Best Contractors in Kolkata
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Know About Different Kinds of False Ceilings from the Best Contractors in Kolkata

The importance of false ceiling designs for modern homes in Kolkata is becoming popular every day. These are important as they keep the temperature under control and also help in the proper functioning of air conditioners. Nowadays, you can have these in every kind of modern apartments, offices, restaurants, etc. It helps in enhancing the aesthetic features of houses by providing custom features that include embedding of LED lightings and custom colors as per the room.

There are some professional false ceiling contractors in Kolkata, who can provide the type of false ceilings you need at pocket-friendly prices. However, you need to know about the type of false ceilings which are prevailing in the market and given below are their details for your reference:

Wooden False Ceilings

Wooden false ceilings are the safest false ceilings you can install for your rooms in your apartments or your offices. Wood helps in preventing short circuits and can also play an important role in decoration. These designs can also come in the form of wooden blocks that look mesmerizing upon installing them at your home premises.

Gypsum False Ceilings

These types of false ceilings are made of calcium sulfate and are common in office or commercial complexes in cities. For this type of ceilings, gypsum tiles are installed on the false ceilings giving them a simple and professional look. These ceilings are mainly fireproof and they can be of shapes like curvy or drop design.

Glass False Ceilings

These types of ceilings are mainly common in theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, and in public libraries. You can combine the glass ceilings with wood or metal – that can provide an attractive look. The main advantage of these ceilings is that they can be colored differently and provide an enlarge loom on the place they are installed.

Cloth False Ceilings

These types of false ceilings are most unique and cheap to install but helps a lot in controlling the room temperature. You can customize these ceilings by installing any kind of lights in the fabric – to brighten up the room.

Metal False Ceilings

These types of ceilings are most common for museums and in the functional halls and have cross or T-section designs. Rods of measurable length are included in the false ceilings to provide a total finishing touch. Their biggest advantage is that they are cheap to install and are soundproof. You can hang the lights of your choice from the ceilings and can also clean them easily.

POP False Ceilings

POP stands for “Plaster of Paris” and they are the most common types of ceilings that are being installed by the best interior designers in Kolkata. This type is common in almost every kind of home, office, or small restaurants. Out of all the ceilings mentioned this type of ceilings lasts long and can cover up the electrical wires or ventilators – that mainly spoil the look of the room.

PVC False Ceilings

This type is best suited for homes, offices, or hotel rooms as they are perfect for every kind of weather. It is very easy to clean these types of ceilings and include the lights of your choice. They can hide the lights, in such a manner so that the rooms can look brighter. They come at an affordable price and have the ability to prevent short circuits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of False Ceilings


  1. The bogus roofs decline the space between the floors and roofs which makes it simple for you to clean the roofs and look after them. 
  2. They look snazzy in the rooms. 
  3. They can conceal the channels and wirings which make space look perfect and excellent. 
  4. You can fix a light, outline, or rich lights on the bogus roofs. 
  5. They can be painted or planned in the manners you need. 
  6. They forestall the event of a fire and are additionally sensible in costs. 


  1. A portion of the bogus roofs, for example, wooden roofs can advance the development of termites and microorganisms. 
  2. Metal roofs can prompt stun circuits in the home. 
  3. Substantial beautifications or lights can abbreviate the life of bogus roofs. 

Summarizing Thought

Contingent upon the sort of room, you can browse above bogus roof types based on various materials and plans. The bogus roofs are broadly utilized in workplaces, cafés, work lobbies and private lofts for a rich appearance. You can likewise take the help of an inside architect who will recommend the perfect bogus roof for your space.