Know about Open Space Designs from Kolkata’s Top Interior Company
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Open Space Design Layout

Know about Open Space Interior Designs from Kolkata’s Top Interior Company

Introducing shades, different coating and textiles while renovating our houses is most common for individuals, yet some concentrate fully on layout planning and design. Whenever the space planning is done in the right manner, it gives us a perception of more space – that eventually increases the aesthetic feature of our houses.

In this regard, one of the best interior companies in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors has shared some suggestions – which can help you design an open layout interior design. Given below are some of those suggestions – which can value you a lot.

1) Be Specific About Your Needs

It is very important to make a list of your needs i.e. what your family demands from the room. List all of the practical sized rooms that you would like to keep in your total flat area and then plan the required gap for every room area. Also, do not neglect thinking about the furniture spaces, along with your family member’s volumes.

2) Know About Your Relationship with Spaces

After you are done with planning the volume of your rooms as well as the furniture elements, the next thing that you should consider is about adjacencies. Adjacencies are mainly defined as the art of keeps the needy elements at proximity. This means that you have to place a dining table near a modular kitchen of your house, placing a coffee machine near work desks at offices, etc.

While you are concerned about adjacencies, you also have to consider keeping a proper space in between – so that people can walk around freely.

3) What is Your Existing Room Condition?

Most of the home interior designs in Kolkata take place within an existing design layout – mostly common of the building complexes. In that case, considering the location of doors, electrical outlets, ventilators, chimneys, windows, etc. will be a big challenge for the interior designers.

4) Where are Your Pipes, Sewage and Gas Lines Located?

You need to bring along different outlet lines like gas lines, sewage line and pipelines as close as possible for reducing the costs. While planning them, you also need to consider the adjacencies for a proper open design layout.

5) Do Not Neglect Your Travelling Area

You always need to consider how your family members will be travelling from one space to the other and design your layout accordingly. Also, you can’t forget to keep an open space of doorways and stairs – just to ensure proper air circulation in the rooms. The minimum area that you should keep for travelling properly is 3 feet – said by the best interior designers in Kolkata.

6) Think about Furniture Items as Groups

While designing, you need to consider the furniture items for specific rooms as groups. Like for bedrooms, a night lamp, bed and a dressing table make a group. In the kitchen, a sink, mixed grinder, a dining table and cooking spaces make a group. 

You challenge is to consider keeping a walking space around those groups for every room – that can enhance the concept of an open layout.

 7) Bubble Diagrams – That Helps in Designing Keynotes

Drawing bubble diagrams are some of the easiest ways to begin your office interior – once you know about your adjacency requirements. Attract various bubble setups, together with various bubble sizes working along with spaces, furniture groups and area sizes. Try to maintain the mapping, till you think that your arrangement is finished.

8) Discover the Perfect Design Aid

Today, it is not that tough to think about your design layouts. There is much 3D design software which is available – which can help you out with your requirements. Consider hiring a professional 3D designer – who can help you out with your requirements. Some of the best interior design companies have in-house designers who can always help you in your interior planning and open layout design project.