Latest Modular Kitchens Trends from Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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Know About the Latest 2021 Trends in Modular Kitchens from the Best Interior Designers in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that modular kitchen plays an essential part in interior design and decoration for us all need kitchens. Households choose many kitchen options in their houses, but their kitchen designs must be seamless, sophisticated, and current.

Being the best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interiors has undergone many kitchen design projects in 2020 and can predict future trends. Usually, it has been seen that design trends always change as per the market demands, and it is not something new for modular kitchens as well. From the vast experience, Spectrum Interiors will now share the latest modular kitchen design trends in the market in the year 2021. House owners need to adopt these modular kitchen design trends so that they could design a seamless, ergonomic and full-function modular kitchen in their houses.

Modular Kitchen Design TrendsDining Area Trends

Modular Kitchen Design Trends

Since people were mostly locked down in their houses in the year 2020, the year 2021 will focus more on the environment and nature. Hence, all of the interior design trends now focus on integrating nature into interior design and somehow look for finding the right balance between them.

Minimalistic Design

2021 demands every kind of simple modular kitchen design above all other spatial interior design. Because these design trends are sustainable, many house owners prefer to integrate this design for their kitchen spaces. The latest trends in modular kitchens are likely to be without clutter and focus on promoting the main functions without including unnecessary things. Since there will be fewer décor items present in the kitchens, they are likely to provide more space and sleek design. The best modular kitchen designer in Kolkata says that the kitchens’ serene look will make you cook your food in a tasty and more sophisticated manner.

Environment-Friendly Modular Kitchens

Since everyone is now cautious about Mother Nature, we tend to focus more on sustainable choices for kitchens and integrate nature into them accordingly. Hence, the latest trends in modular kitchens now include more natural elements in them. That’s like having natural colour textures, drawing elements, etc. This also tends to form small plants inside the kitchens that will add fresh oxygen and also blend well with nature. 

Types of Kitchen Style in 2021

Island Styled Kitchen: This modular kitchen is most common for households in Kolkata as it is designed just like an island. Accordingly, you can create an L-Shaped or U-Shaped kitchen like an island, that won’t disappoint you.

Open Style Kitchen: With the necessity of more space arising, people now prefer more open-spaced modular kitchens on which they can move around freely. Previously, they used to behave like a functional area to be accessed only by the house’s cooking department.

Colour Trends in Modular Kitchen

2021 is likely going to be a lot colourful for modular kitchens seen from the market demands. Some of the latest colour options will be as follows – shared by the best interior designer in Kolkata.

  • Blue: That denotes a sophisticated look and feel. In combination with that, white and dark shades can be used to preserve the minimalistic look.
  • Green: This means the eco-friendly approach that is prevailing in the market and will include some natural elements along with that as well.
  • Natural Colour: This option tends to have terracotta colour and the wooden one to be integrated into the kitchen – giving it a more natural look.

Material Trends in Modular Kitchen

  • Marble: This is mainly used in the kitchen countertop area for cutting vegetables and chopping meat.
  • Glass: Glass is used as a decorative item that can reflect light inside the kitchen area. This is primarily used as doors for kitchen shelves.
  • Natural Wood: This is one of the prime materials to be used as a kitchen décor item for it is more sustainable and preserves the natural look/feel.

Finishing Types in Modular Kitchen

The best interior designer in Kolkata, Spectrum Interior says that the modular kitchens’ finishing type has been exceptional this year. People are now focusing on the matte finish surface rather than glossy finish ones. Also, it has been seen that people are opting for mixing texture that includes elements like wood, glass, bronze, marbles, etc.

Modular Kitchen Accessories

Following the Covid-9 pandemic, people are now cautioned about including handles in the kitchens. Also, handles consume more space which is why they are now switching into non-handles accessories. It is stylish in looking and also practical for it prevents dirt from getting accumulated in the area.

Conclusive Summary

Summarizing the facts mentioned above, we can say that the modular kitchens will seek a tremendous amount of change in 2021. This year, people are now more being cautions, including natural elements and seeking more spaces. Hence, it is essential to consult the right home interior designer in Kolkata, who can adequately understand and cater to your modular kitchen needs. Consider consulting Spectrum Interiors to execute your modular kitchen design project today.