Know-How COVID-19 Will be Impacting Interior Design and Decoration
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Know-How COVID-19 Will be Impacting Interior Design and Decoration

Amid this crisis prevailing in the country – everybody has been severely impacted, so as the businesses. However, it is not only about knowing the impact but to find a way of adjusting your businesses as per the requirements prevailing in this crisis. As said by Spectrum Interiors, who has been awarded the best interior designer in Kolkata for the year 2019-2020 – knowledge is the key to survival in this crisis and we have to utilize the same to understand the demand in the market. However, there is something that will be changed in the field of interior decoration, when it comes to the communication medium, price quotation or trends in colour. 

Below given are some of the elaborative points that some of the interior decorators in Kolkata or India would like to know in the field of interior design and decoration:

Opportunities in Product Based Organizations

As per the analysis of the market, statistics say that the product based companies have never stopped their construction works – even in the time of pandemics. There is a huge amount of inventory cost that the companies have to bear – in case they are hiring external agencies for storing their inventories. Hence, preparing in-house inventory is the best option for them. Real-estate agencies have never stopped working as they can foresee a huge demand in the upcoming two years or so. Last but not least is the e-commerce industry – people now would reply more upon e-commerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc for buying essentials, hence, these companies will also need to prepare themselves for warehousing facilities.

Pricing Strategy

As the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the income of the people, hence, people now have no money to waste. They would now be very clear on what and where they are spending. Hence, the interior designers would have to be very specific about their pricing and they should also be able to give a proper justification of their price – to impress the customers. Interior companies may also consider finishing the work in a part by part module so that clients didn’t have to pay a vast amount upfront.

Spending of the Clients

As per the experts’ analysis, post lockdown will force thee, clients, to spend more on their homes. Previously, they were not spending time at home, but in this lockdown, they have been enforced to stay at home – which in turn has brought back their long lost love for their home. Some companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys and Cognizant are even making work-from-home a permanent solution for their employees. Women are the ones who would mostly be benefited from this solution as they have to look after their babies. Hence, all of these professionals would always like to make their homes beautiful – hence, the need for a good interior design company will always be felt.

Trends in Colour

As Covid-19 pandemic has taken almost everything from people’s life when it comes to happiness – they will now search for something that would bring them peace at mind. They will not be compromising with colours anymore and would rather consider the best colour combination for rooms having a particular function. Visual distraction is the thing that people would like to avoid post lockdown phase.

Office Spaces

Post lockdown would bring out a renaissance in the field of office interior design. Previously, sitting arrangements were different as a group of people were sitting in a box, but, now they can’t. As social distancing is mandatory in almost every sector, the employers will have to be very specific when it comes to restoring the safety measures in the workspaces. They may consider separate sitting arrangements where there is no mandatory need to sitting side-by-side. They may also consider the concept of flexible office interior design – which is by far the best solution in this time.

Communication Medium or Strategy

 Previously, the interior designers were visiting the client’s premises every time they would want to interact with them. However, as the Covid-19 is way too much contagious, the clients will have to understand these issues and they will have to allow the interior companies to communicate to them via digital platforms like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc. Understandably, every client cannot the tech-friendly, hence, the designers may have to find some time to provide free online tutorials and put along some extra time in communicating with them.

This is the most important phase in the life of every business, as they have to thrive for existence. Businesses should always find a way to move forward from this critical situation and find a way that can benefit them as well as their clients. Some of the best interior design and decoration companies in Kolkata or other major cities in India have already started implementing the same, now it’s; time to see who gets the major benefit and who’s not.