Know-How We Can Plant a Rooftop Garden in Cities Like Kolkata
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Know-How We Can Plant a Rooftop Garden in Cities Like Kolkata

Rooftop gardens are what most of the households are preferring in their home. The concept of gardening is not new; its importance is being felt from the pre-historic times. However, as the concept of having your own home is getting away – rooftop gardens are slowly taking place of the traditional gardens in Kolkata.

Some of the best interior designers in Kolkata refer to the rooftop gardens as something which can have a dramatic positive impact on our health – besides having the traditional concept of growing your fruits or vegetables. Some people think that it’s kind of impossible for them to install the same in their apartments – just because of space complexity. However, some of the best trusted interior decorators in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors will show why they are kind of wrong in saying the same.

Proper Rooftop Preparation

1) Weight Capacity of Your Roof: You need to measure the load capacity of your roof in the long run and have to remember that soil or dirt is a kind of heavy thing and wet soil is even heavier. Consulting a structural loan engineer in this regard is very important.

2) Environment Consideration: You need to ensure that the planets that need more sunlight are placed in a proper section of the roof. Also, you need to ensure that the plants of the garden get protection from the wind.

3) Drainage System and Waterproofing: Once you are done with the load capacity of your gardens, the next thing that you should consider is drainage and waterproofing. Having cutting corners along the rooftop drainage is kind of a mistake – that’s because it may lead to structural damage.

Introduce a tightened layer of protection to the housetop to channel overabundance water into a tank framework or waste on the ground. Next include a layer of framing or secure deck to use as a hard surface base. Ultimately, on the head of the hard surface framing, include a climate sealed elastic layer (pick something with a high cut obstruction).

4) Other Rooftop Garden Tips: Some of the best home interior decorators in Kolkata provide some tips on best practices like:

– Make sure you have a smart thought of the day by day and occasional sun introduction and shade varieties. 

– If a huge, adjoining building squares sun, pick a greater amount of shade open-minded plants.

– Invest in a made sure about outskirt territory or fence to ensure the nursery region 

– Avoid plants with flimsy stems – as they sort of break without any problem. 

– Ideal crops for housetop nurseries ought to be 1) strong and 2) fit for opposing breezes 

– Choose low-developing plants like carrots, spinach, beets, rutabagas, lettuce, turnips, and so forth.