Know-How You Can Add Elegance to Your Rooms with Custom False Ceiling Designs
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Know-How You Can Add Elegance to Your Rooms with Custom False Ceiling Designs

People in Kolkata are mostly fond of decorating their houses with additional features. Sometimes, the decoration comes in the form of adding stickers to their walls, changing their colors, or sometimes adds furniture items without any proper planning. This often results in giving a peculiar look to the house or providing a very little space to walk around. However, we often overlook the important part that actually comes in the attention of the guests – which False Ceiling.

As been described by some of the best false ceiling designers in Kolkata, the evolution of the false ceilings occurred from the earlier times, when there used to be chandeliers hanging from the wall. However, as time passed by, this type of design was replaced by plaster of Paris and now that has given rise to false ceilings.

Know More about False Ceilings

False ceilings are some kind of artificial ceilings constructed with gypsum plaster rather than cement plasters. They are constructed for adding a decorative feature to your houses as well as for controlling the room temperature. It is believed that false ceilings pay a very important role in the proper working of air conditioners. False ceilings have the ability to provide an instant decoration feature for your rooms and are mainly available in various types of designs – dependent mainly on your requirement.

Some of the best interior designers in Kolkata have the ability to provide custom lighting effects to the false ceilings with LED bulbs – that acts as a special aesthetic feature for the houses. Some people also prefer adding 3D wallpapers to the false ceilings as well. Be it a bedroom, living room, and office, etc. false ceilings are now becoming mandatory nowadays. The picture below depicts the construction of a false ceiling:


Given below are some of the images that can show the custom false ceiling designs for living room, bedroom, kids’ room, bathroom, balcony, etc.

False Ceilings for Living Rooms


False Ceiling for Bedroom



False Ceiling for Kids Room


False Ceiling for Bathroom


False Ceiling for Balcony


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