Know-How You Can Design the Best Rooftop Gardens in Rental Properties
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Know-How You Can Design the Best Rooftop Gardens in Rental Properties

Rooftop gardens are something that is moving along as one of the latest trends in home interior design in metropolitan cities like Kolkata. Rooftop gardens are something that major real-estate giants like PS Srijan, Merlin, Infinity Benchmark, etc. are now implementing in every project. There are some owners, who introduce this concept to raise the rental cost of their properties. That’s because, in reputed areas of Kolkata, individuals seek a rooftop garden where they can enjoy the views with a dose of booze or tea.

Rooftop gardens can also help a lot when it comes to controlling your mood swings as you can relax on a high back chair with your friends or family and can also organize a party if needed. There are many available rooftop garden designs available in the market, however, it’s better if you can take these design consideration before implementing them, as prescribed by the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Proper Using of Raised Beds

You can use raised beds for planting of planets or shrubs in case you are living in a rental property. Although, this one is mainly common for rental properties, some households use these in their properties as well. You can use these for gardening a can easily trim them if you see them getting overgrown. In rental properties, raised beds using wood or metal are most common as a prevention purpose from getting dismantled by the owner.

Proper Planning of Layout Design

The main shape and size of your rooftop garden mainly depend on your requirements and the type of plants you would like to grow in them. Some plants need more sun rays to grow better – while others need a shady area. However, plants should be placed also considering the direction of the wind in mind as well. There are options to keep windshields – that can be in preventing the plants from getting overturned. 

Rooftop Garden Designs

Tall Plants in Your Garden

In case your rooftop garden is built to take a large amount of area into consideration, you can place taller plants in them and also utilize the walls of the gardens to place some plants in them. This is mainly done to increase the greenery in your roof and what can provide you with oxygen as well.

Ground Covering Options

The surface for your rooftop gardens can be filled up with so many options like paving stones, gravel, etc. which are inexpensive and can also provide a sophisticated look to the tenants. This also helps in providing a proper sitting arrangement as well.

Proper Garden Furniture

You can provide proper furnishings for your gardens like a Sofa, table, glassware, etc. – just for catering to your needs. However, for introducing sofas, you need to ensure that you can include a proper shading option above them. The interior designers of Kolkata should also consider providing a proper eating option for holding parties or having breakfast/lunch or dinner.

Rooftop Garden Furniture

Garden Décor Accessories

Garden décor accessories can come in the garden in the form of decorating lighting options, marvel statues, decorating plants like Cactus, etc. You can also introduce small and portable fountain options – without redirecting your plumbing lines to them.

Proper Shading Options

You can include portable canopies which are UV resistant and can also provide a waterproof solution for you. The canopies are perfectly suited for rental houses, as they can be mounted and dismounted very easily. For permanent structures, you can use automated rood structures made of metals – that can easily provide shade when needed.

Rooftop Garden Shades

Rooftop gardens are the most attracting feature when it comes to home interior designs as proclaimed by some of the best home interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors. These can be very relaxing and can provide a wonderful view for you – that can help in driving away all your frustrations and depressions. Some couples consider this to be their perfect solution for having breakfast in the mornings and for having tea or booze in the evenings. However, their designs can be very tricky sometimes, and there can also be some design flaws in case you don’t hire the right persons for doing the same. Consider taking the advice of some of the best interior designers in Kolkata for designing a flawless rooftop garden today.