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Live Demonstration of Interior Projects from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Interior design and decoration is the best thing that people in Kolkata or other major cities in India are considering during this lockdown phase in 2020 (as per market data analysis). Some of the best interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors consider the phase during Unlock 1 to be the busiest phase in their business, as they have never been busy earlier.

However, the process of choosing the right interior designer is quite a hectic process as there are many companies, who claim themselves to be the experts in this field, but in reality, the situation is quite the opposite. Hence, it is really important to check the background of the company, as well as the reviews they have got from their existing customers. With that being said, there is one more thing that we often forget is the live demonstration of the interior design and decoration projects – which the interior designers are doing for their clients.

This blog demonstrates some of the work-in-progress pictures, taken from the live project works of Spectrum Interiors in Kolkata and its surrounding areas. Let’s move forward with it:

1) Dental Chamber Works

Dental chamberDental Chamber work

The pictures above show the construction of a dental chamber for a dentist in Kolkata. This shows how the workers are working on wood-crafting and the aesthetic values of the chamber – which can drive away all the fears that you undergo while having a toothpick etc.

2) False Ceiling Design Works

False Ceiling DesignFalse Ceiling Design 2

False Ceiling Design 4

The pictures above are showing how the workers of Spectrum Interiors are working on a dedicated basis for the false ceiling design of an interior project. Measurement taking pictures of the workers, false ceiling beams construction, etc. are shown in detail – which denotes the realistic abilities of the interior specialists in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors.

3) Total Interior Design and Decoration Works

Interior Design and Decoration 2

Interior Design and Decoration 3Interior Design and Decoration 4

This picture above shows the total interior design and decoration works for an interior project in Nayabad, Kolkata. The client had a total interior requirement for his apartment and had enough budgets to provide some of the best-in-class design in the market.

The workers from Spectrum Interiors were into the project into a flash. Their marketing experts visited them, had understood the requirement fully, and they’re provided with a detailed quotation. When the client agreed, they started the project with the false ceiling works and then proceeded towards the wall and gradually completed the project. The ending product i.e., the interior solution was just astonishing and the client was very happy with their service – which has helped Spectrum Interiors to get a further reference from the client and a very nice Google My Business review.