Modern Pooja Unit: 6 Designs You Must Know About!
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Modern Pooja Unit: 6 Designs You Must Know About!

Our houses are becoming compact, and fitting a pooja corner into a tiny area might be difficult. We frequently have columns and beams extending from the walls, which eventually become dead space. Everything nowadays is all about saving area, so we felt you might find these modern pooja room ideas that nestle into wall niches helpful. Please continue reading to learn how the best interior designing company in Kolkata could help you do it at home.

1.   Traditional Units

You don’t require the ground to roof space to position your pooja unit or establish a pooja nook. Thanks to the best interior design company in Kolkata, your pooja room would be as small as possible. This pooja unit, which takes up around a fourth of the length of your wall, has a classic dome and lattice curtains that enhance its attractiveness.

2.   Boundaries Marked with Bells

If you possess a nook that could be turned into a tiny pooja corner, all you have to do is build a foundation with cabinets and a gorgeous jaali panel on the wall behind it. The best interior designers in Kolkata will help you establish limits by suspending gorgeous bells and decorating as desired if the niche stretches farther.

3.   Wallpaper and Spotlights

If you possess enough room between two walls, this is a fantastic suggestion. The Best Interior Designing Company in Kolkata’s thoughts and techniques will assist you by using gorgeous wallpaper and highlighting the region with a soft-focus light. Then, it’s time to set up your pooja room. We’ve gone with yellow wallpaper, wooden rafters, and spotlighting in this room.

4.  In a kitchen, fitted units are used

Pooja units in the kitchen are a long-standing tradition, and Vastu professionals agree that putting a covered pooja unit here is beneficial. However, please remember that you should not put it beneath any cabinet suggested by the best interior design company in Kolkata. Instead, this pooja unit can fit in a tiny place just above cupboards or against a wall.

5.   Panels by Jaali

This pooja space was built in a nook behind the main room’s resting section. The concept of incorporating jali panels on both sides came from the best interior design company in Kolkata. This area, painted white to blend in with the wall and provide a tidy appearance, simplistically symbolizes the divine.

6.   A unit that isn’t real

Don’t you have a gap on your wall? Make it up! To make this, all you require is a wall corner and wooden panels on either side to form a hole, according to the best interior designing company in Kolkata. This room seems comprehensive and lovely, and it’s ideal for a tiny unit with lighting above it.


So now you understand that no matter how little your house is, you could have a pooja unit placed there if you had the smallest gaps in your walls and the help of the best interior designing company in Kolkata. Furthermore, don’t overlook these Beautifully Unique Pooja Room Designs by the top 10 interior designers in Kolkata. You can also contact them for office interior designs in Kolkata.