New Year's Living Room Trends from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata
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Living Room Design Trends

New Year’s Living Room Design Trends from the Best Interior Designers in Kolkata

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that in the year 2020, we all had to brace ourselves in our houses for which living rooms had to be multifunctional. For the first time, people had to perform tasks related to work, hospitality, entertainment and education in their living rooms. Hence, 2020 has been the most challenging year for living rooms, mostly when it was up to catering to individuals’ needs. Keeping these things in mind, 2021 has brought along something that can serve everything for living rooms. This blog will explain all of them from the perspective of the best interior designer in Kolkata.

Cosy and Relaxing Seating Arrangements

Since the living rooms are now witnessing more seating time, they need to integrate relaxing arrangements. This denotes adding relaxing sofas with integrated cushions on the back for supporting the spine. Moreover, adding along a fireplace or a chandelier could make it cosier than ever – which can provide immense comfort in the winter.

Increase in the No of Seating Area

With the spending time rapidly increasing for the living rooms, it is now essential to include more seating arrangements. In the lockdown phase, it has been seen that people usually spend time with friends or relatives in the living room itself – which demands more seats. In case, enough seating arrangement is absent; an awkward situation arises with paved the way for living room designers in Kolkata. Hence, the modern living rooms demand more comfy seats for guests and the ones that are for family members.

Mixing of Strong Colours with Neutral Ones

During the lockdown phase, people had a fascination towards neutral colour as well for the strong ones. However, from the market demand, it has been seen that people opt for neutral colours in an overall manner, but they also opt for vital coloured accessories. Among the strong ones, it has been seen that wood and green colour are the most prevailing ones in the market.

Top-quality and Best-in-class Accessories

As per the market trends seen in the year 2020 by the best home interior designers in Kolkata, it has been seen that people now want to place more costly items in living rooms. Such accessories include a high-end back chair, an antique-styled sofa, an electric fireplace etc. This is done to ensure that people can now feel more comfortable in their living rooms and spend the entire day in the same.

High-end Entertainment Spaces

When you are locked into your house, then the first thing you would like to do is to entertain yourself. You can include a 55-inch Ultra HD TV with 5.1 surround sound system. Also, integrating a PlayStation can add a valuable feather to the same as well. Having done all the same, the second thing that you need is to have a comfy seating space like a sofa and a cushion. The positioning of the entertainment system is also essential. Having included all, you can expect to spend your entire time very easily.

Conclusive Summary

Post going through the above points, you can understand the latest trends prevailing in the market regarding living rooms. However, when it comes to living rooms, you need to be very careful as that is where your prestige depends. This is the space accessible to the outside members of the house and can gain their praise for you. Hence, you need to consult the best interior designer in Kolkata for having an in-detail solution for your living rooms.