Recommended & Avoiding Tips in Interior Design from the Best Decorators
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Recommended and Avoiding Tips in Interior Design: Know from the Best Interior Decorators in Kolkata

Interior design and decoration requirements differ for every residential and commercial project in Kolkata. You can feel that every house needs some special care and have some specific challenges which are unavoidable. Some of these challenges can be sorted out by the homeowners, while there are some design related requirements – for which you need to consult the best interior decorators in Kolkata.

In the case of interior design, there is some specific advice that can spruce up your home and can cater to every requirement of yours. There are some designs which can even make your room like clumsy or congested and for which you need to be specific about hiring some of the best interior designers in Kolkata. Below given are some of the most recommended or avoiding tips – shared by some of Kolkata’s best interior designer or decorator like Spectrum Interiors.

1) Try Not to Push Furniture Items to the Wall

Some of the best interior designers in Kolkata or India don’t recommend putting your furnishings against your room’s wall. Every furniture item has its own space and it is recommended to highlight their beauty by allowing some air for them. You need to make sure that your furniture items are perceived to look like they are floating and they can appeal to your guests.

2) Try Not to Use Economical or Solid Cushions

Cushions are something that adds an extra layer of comfort – whenever you are sitting on any sofas with them on their back. Cushions have a medical benefit, as they help us to relieve ourselves from back pain. Hence, cushions need to be soft and generous to get its full benefits. Avoid using cheap quality and quantity of them for an effective interior design of your house.

3) Avoiding Thinking Yourself Michelangelo

You need to absolutely perfect and specific about your requirements or you need to leave that to the interior designers. In case you are thinking about colours to be the absolute solution for everything, you need to be perfect – without leaving anything behind the old colour. In case you have a little knowledge about colours – stop using the blended colour option.

4) Do Not Compromise with Lighting Options – to Trim Off Your Budget

Most of the house owners consider using lighting options which are either small or do not properly cover every corner of the room. This creates many types of problem for them – as a result of which their interior solution also looks to be very ordinary. You need to use lights that can provide proper wattage and make the room very bright – which can enhance their beauty.

5) Stop Using Carpets or Rugs that are Tiny

A rug is mainly used to help draw your attention towards furniture items and not away from them. The size of the rugs should be such so that they can touch the feet of every furniture items.

6) Don’t Go for Matching Items

As per some of the best home interior designers in Kolkata, matching items are something which is considered as old school item – sometimes they can seem to be boring as well. You can go for a collection that has a common style, theme, material, history and mood.