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Wooden False Ceiling Designs

Redefine Your Home Interior through Custom False Ceiling Designs in Kolkata

False ceilings define the skies for your rooms of home/apartments. In big cities like Kolkata, they are our companion in this lockdown as we hardly get any time to go around and enjoy the blueness of the sky. Hence, to make it as beautiful and sparkling like the sky itself, we need custom designs as said by the best interior designers in Kolkata. False ceilings represent ceilings which are artificial and provide an illusion of an actual ceiling. This helps in looking at the room more beautiful and also helps in controlling the room temperature or proper working of air conditioners. This is one of the topmost features of interior designs and represents the base of interior design and decoration services. Also, when false ceilings are combined with artificial lighting arrangements, they can enhance the aesthetic feature of your rooms and impress your guests.

What is the Need of False Ceilings?

Given below are some of the basic points that defy the necessity of false ceilings – said by the best false ceiling designers in Kolkata.

– False ceilings are budgeting friendly than the actual ceilings.

– They can absorb sound.

– They help in conceal wiring – also used in lighting the ceilings.

– They also help you in relieving yourself from the dust and other allergies.

– They add an extra layer of beauty to the actual ceiling designs.

– They help to control the temperature of the rooms.

– They help in proper working of air conditioners.

Some of the best false ceiling designers in Kolkata say that the false ceilings are made of various materials like PVC, Fiber, Metal, Gypsum, Wood and POP. Below given are some of the common points about false ceilings – shared by the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Wooden False Ceiling Designs

Wooden False Ceiling Designs (1)Wooden False Ceiling Designs (2) Wooden False Ceiling Designs (3) Wooden False Ceiling Designs

This type of false ceilings is one of the most costly among other false ceiling type and most commonly used in residences – for adding an extra layer of beauty. They can last long and enhance the aesthetic features of the room they installed in. Gypsum/Plasterboard false ceiling designs are the most common ones to be used in commercial complexes and offices – as they are easy to install, fire-resistant, lightweight and insulated.

Bathroom False Ceiling Designs

Bathroom False Ceiling Design Bathroom False Ceiling Design

In case of false ceiling designs for bathrooms, glass ceilings are the best ones – if you want to give it an aqua touch and don’t want to include any windows. Gypsum false ceiling designs are the cheaper solution for bathrooms – that includes aluminium framing and LED lightings.

False Ceilings for Kid’s Rooms

False Ceiling for Kids' Room False Ceiling for Kids' Room

False ceilings can catch the attention of the kids – because of their ability to provide some fascinating design patterns. Kids often like to stay in a world full of imagination; hence false ceilings depicting such patterns can catch their minds and make them fall in love with their rooms.

Although, some individuals consider installing false ceilings as luxury items, yet their importance cannot be underestimated. Their functional and aesthetic features are what can make them worth your hard-earned money.