Renovate Your Bedrooms through 5 Astonishingly Unique Bed Lamp Ideas
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Bedroom Design Ideas

Renovate Your Bedrooms through 5 Astonishingly Unique Bed Lamp Ideas

As per the bedroom interior designers in Kolkata, bed lamps pay an essential part in our bedrooms. It is our only companion when we are reading books or enjoying playing games or watching videos in our mobiles. With the change in trends, these bed lamps are now arriving in different shapes and sizes that offer flexible options for the inhabitants and to get a controlled lighting solution as per their need. Given below are some of the different kinds of lamps available in the industry, shared by the best interior designers in Kolkata.

Bed Lamps Made Out of Bamboo

This type of uniquely designed bed lamps adds along with a touch of nature. It can enhance the beautiful features of bed spaces with the ambient lights they provide.

Modern Bed Lamps

These are some unusual and colourful table lamps that provide the bedrooms with a playful touch. They have a sturdy base – that prevents them from falling apart.

Bedside Lamps made of Copper

The best interior designer in Kolkata like Spectrum Interior says that Copper is a type of metal that is used for all decoration purpose. Copper adds a warm and luxury feeling when a table lamp is assembled using the same. When used with an open bulb, it provides a considerable amount of light for reading a book or for browsing your mobile apps.

Bedside Lamps Made of Concrete

Another type of unusual bed lamp where the whole lamp’s body is made of concrete and a bulb is infused in between the structure. This can provide a modern and fresh look for the bedrooms.

Moon-shaped Bed Lamps

Ever considered putting a half-moon close to your bed? Are you astonished? Try not to be because it is something new on the lookout. This lighting solution is known for its adaptive nature and for providing excellent lighting. The light can make progress in the room even in morning time or night. It has a handle through which you can change the shading temperature and set the disposition of the room.