Safety Measures Undertaken by the Best Interior Designers Post Lockdown
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Safety Measures Undertaken by the Best Interior Designers in Kolkata Post Lockdown

Covid-19 or better known as Novel Coronavirus is the name of destruction in the life of human beings – that has come in the year 2020. This world has not been that great from the very beginning, with many incidents happening around and some of the best astrologers in Kolkata even say that these adverse effects are most likely to continue till September-October 2020.

While we are reporting incidents happening almost a week or so, the worst-case scenario will always be the economic slowdown – that has occurred due to the worldwide lockdown. Many people are losing their jobs every day or not getting salaries from their companies. Taking this as the primary concern for every country, the Govt. of almost every country is considered about re-opening the markets. Like others, the Govt. of India has also considered opening the market again and the results have been quite worrying as the spread of this contagious disease is spreading rapidly in cities like Kolkata.

According to some of the best interior designers in Kolkata, the businesses need to consider the safety measures w.r.t. Covid-19 with earnestness and they also need to buy equipment that can facilitate the same. In this regard, one of the best interior companies in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors has shared some points – which can show as to how they are planning to run their business in this time of crisis:

1) Proper Use of Personal Protection Equipment

All the staff of Spectrum Interiors is very serious when it comes to adhering to WHO’s safety measures. All of their Staff must use a KN95 mask, protective gloves, and a protective face shield. This helps in having the diseases contained within their staff (in case anyone got accidentally infected) and also helps in protecting them from others.

Daily temperature checks are also compulsory for all of their staff just to get sure that everyone in the office premises is healthy. Sometimes, the temperature checks are also being done when their marketing person goes along in visiting their clients.

2) Maintaining a Well Maintained Social Distancing

Spectrum Interiors always maintains a very strict social distancing between their employees and their employees are allowed to stand and sit at a certain distance. This is being done, to avoid overcrowding that spreads the virus rapidly.

Alternate shifts are being introduced to maintain a healthy environment in the office premises. However, work-from-home facilities are also being introduced to provide a seamless working environment for their IT employees.

3) Introduction of Proper Sanitization Methods

Companies like Spectrum Interiors are regularly sanitizing their office premises for properly maintaining a safe environment. They have purchased top-quality “Sanitization Tunnel” that can properly sanitize the entire human body – whenever they are entering the offices. “Spray Sanitizers” are also introduced to properly sanitizing the other equipment in the offices.

4) Contact Interior Design Related Consultations

Spectrum Interiors are encouraging their clients to maintain communication within a certain limit. Regular tutorials are provided to the clients on virtual communication mediums like “Skype Chat”, “WhatsApp Video Chat” and “Zoom Chat”. They are providing continuous consultations and in some cases, more than the actual hourly consultation limit – just to ensure that the clients get flawless service.

Also, in case some of their marketing executives have to visit the customer’s premises, they are carrying proper sanitizers with themselves and also trying to avoid the problematic “Red Zones”.