Small Apartment Closet Designs to Opt for in 2021
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Small Apartment Closet Designs to Opt for in 2021

Is it a huge ask to create a modest area that is also an oasis of calm and tranquilly? Of course, the first step is to store the objects somewhere out of sight. The first problem is to combine the words “stash” with “out of sight” efficiently. The difficulty is an obvious decision among little rooms and large wardrobes that clog up a small area.

Here are some lovely storage solutions from an interior decorator in Kolkata who used a few innovative and artistic thoughts to solve the cabinet dilemma and make a bedroom tidier.

Using the Wall Behind the Bed as a Support

Rather than building cabinets, we sometimes neglect the wall behind our bed. However, if you’re short on space, use this area to build your wardrobe. For example, interior decorators in Kolkata would incorporate bedside tables into the layout and raise the closest to the roof to enhance storage capacity. A word of caution: make the layout light and airy so the space doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

Consider Almirah Designs for Limited Areas

Instead of establishing a closet on an empty but precious flooring area or getting a freestanding standing cabinet there, an interior decorator in Kolkata would get you a wardrobe fitted into wall voids. It additionally helps the outfit merge in by tying it to the setting’s concept. Utilized the area next to the window seat to construct a closet in the style mentioned above. This style is ideal for a tiny space because of the absence of knobs, streamlined form, and mirror panel insertion.

The Headboard Wall Has Been Increased

Storage cupboards and wardrobes have been built into the wall-to-wall area. This wall in a kids bedroom includes a free bonus rack for storing games and magazines. The arrangement is completed by joining both closets, which an interior decorator does in Kolkata.

This small room in the storage facility could serve as inspiration for an interior decorator in Kolkata. They Built individual closets out of the space leftover from the wall on either side of the bed. Even the artistic style is appropriate for side tables.

Capsule to be opened

A capsule closet consists of a small number of often-used garments and items. All you need is an interior designer in Kolkata and a handcrafted item of furnishings to keep it. This way, a modest, could create a neatly arranged storage place within the bedroom. Can store other garments in a compartment in the wardrobe, a neighbouring closet, or a storage area. An interior decorator will provide quality work in Kolkata.

Use Light Colors Instead of Dark Colors

While darker colours could make a room seem claustrophobic, lighter colours do the reverse by appearing more significant. As a result, choosing a closet in only one colour, although weaker, lightens the area. You could engage a professional interior decorator in Kolkata for quality service if you desire vibrant colours in your room.


It is critical and sensible to hire an interior decorator in Kolkata who would create the best use of a limited area. Contact the best interior designers in Kolkata for bespoke bedroom closet ideas and answers to other home interior companies in Kolkata-related questions.