Eco-Friendly Ideas Sustainable Home from Best Interior Designer Kolkata
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Eco-Friendly Ideas for Sustainable Home Interior from the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

When it comes to home décor, more and more homeowners are trying to find eco-friendly and sustainable options for their spaces – said by the best interior designer in Kolkata. Homeowners are now aware of leaving carbon footprints behind and are trying to reduce it as much as possible. Moreover, eco-friendly solutions are also way more affordable, and you do not have to spend a ton of money to achieve a classy and elegant home.

Here are some eco-friendly ideas for sustainable home décor, that the best interior designer in Kolkata can help you redesign your home with them.

Recycled Wood and Bamboo

Furniture made with recycled wood and bamboo will be a great addition to your home. Wood has natural cooling properties, and using an ample amount of wood will help reduce indoor pollution and keep your interiors cool.

In addition, recycled wood is aged, and the play of textures and grains can help you create a stunning effect. Wooden furniture can last through generations, with a coat of polish and varnish once in five or ten years, and this makes it one of the most sustainable items of home décor.

Jute Furnishings

Including jute furnishings in your home will add some earthy character to your living spaces. Jute items can range from cushion covers, drapes, rugs, table mats, doormats, and so many more. Local artisans are now working extensively with jute, combining weaving techniques and embroidery to create stunning handcrafted home décor items.

Jute can stand the test of time, and when you are ready to dispose of them off, they can be naturally decomposed, hardly leaving a carbon footprint behind. Not to mention that buying jute items from local artisans will also help you sustain the local economy.

Recycled Metal

Suppose you like clean lines, stark interiors, and a minimalist décor that is easy to clean and maintain. In that case, using metal items for home décor is an excellent idea, and using recycled metal can be your way of doing your bit for the environment.

By using items made from recycled metals, you can prevent as many scrap metals from ending in the landfills, making it an eco-friendly and affordable option. Items made from recycled metals include metal furniture, racks and shelves, futuristic lampshades, window grills, and staircase railings. Interior design companies will help you choose some great pieces.

Using Indoor Plants

Using indoor plants in rustic, earthy plant pots is one of the best ways to enhance your home décor in an eco-friendly way. Nothing can beat the calmness that exudes from potted plants, especially if there are flowers to keep you company.

You can add a pop of color in the form of earthen pots to keep your plants. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are perfect if you want that cozy, lived-in, and slightly distressed look to your living space, which goes a long way in making it appear homely.

You can ask the best interior designer in Kolkata to pick out the right items for you that best match your sensibilities and go with the look you are striving for.