Suffering from a Foul Smell at Your Home Premises: Follow these Tips
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Suffering from a Foul Smell at Your Home Premises: Follow these Tips to Get Rid of them?

According to the best interior designers in Kolkata, foul smell is something that cannot be tolerated at our home premises. This gives a total lousy impression to our visitors who visit that for the first time – no matter how much interior work you have done in the same. We seem to be running away from one’s house if that foul smell touches our home, but, what happens when it happens to ourselves?

The best thing to avoid such an embarrassing situation is to clean your home premises regularly. However, this is somehow tough due to the fact that you have a busy work schedule or simply because you are that much lazy. Keeping everybody’s problem in mind, the best home interior designers in Kolkata have shared some easiest ways through which you can keep apart the foul smell from your home. This blog will discuss 23 of such ideas to benefit from and given below are the same for your reference:

Use of Lemons

Lemons are very fresh, and they have a unique ability when it comes to eliminating the smell. Hence, you can cut lemons in halves and keep them at places where it is not seen easily. This will act as a natural oxidant for air freshening and also not distract anyone else.

Use of Baking Soda

Since baking soda is a potent agent for eliminating smell; you can keep small containers of baking soda in your refrigerator to eliminate the odour from houses.

Use of Vinegar

As an alternative to baking soda or lemons, you can also keep a container of vinegar in your house to eliminate the foul smell.

Use of Vodka

According to some of the best interior designers in Kolkata like Spectrum Interiors, foul smells can also be removed through the use of alcoholic drinks like Vodka. It may seem a bit odd, but you can use a mixture of Vodka, water and essential oils like lavender oil, citrus oil, etc. to get an outstanding result in this regard.

Use of Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is beneficial when it comes to removing strong smells from places like bathrooms and is easily affordable.

Use of Essential Oils 

While cleaning the floors of your rooms, if you use a mixture of essential oils like lavender or citrus, you can get rid of the foul smell – that are responsible for spoiling your room’s ambience.

Use of Coffee

Coffee grounds, when placed inside a small bowl, are instrumental in soaking the smell of the rooms – in case you put them in an appropriate position. Coffee ground fills the room’s smell with its aroma and completely drain the foul smell away.

Use of Charcoal

In case you use charcoal in your home, you can quickly drain away from the stink or foul odour from your home. Charcoal is a powerful odour absorbent and helps you in keeping your home’s air fresh.

Use of Newspapers

It is exciting to know that newspapers that we read and use daily are also odour absorbents. When we put newspapers inside a container and use them in our houses, they can help in driving away foul smells.

Use of Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are those that help you whenever you have a smoky smell from your clothes to drive away. You need to use 2-3 dryer sheets in a zip-lock bag and see if that works.

Use of Oats

The oats that we eat daily are powerful natural smell absorbent. When a bowl of oats are taken and kept at a stinky place, it soaks the odour from them.

Use of Salt for Disinfecting and Removing Smell

Salt is a perfect item – when it comes to disinfection and for the removal of foul smell from your house.

Use of Chalk

Chalk is an adorable item when it comes to the removal of damp or moisture.

Use of Rubbing Hands in Stainless Steel

In case your hands smell after cooking the food items, you can rub your hands in stainless steel to get rid of the same.

Keeping Doors or Windows Open

You need to keep your doors or windows for some time to get rid of the foul smell in your houses. Let the natural air and sunlight come in and provide a touch of genuine feeling.

Using Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are instrumental when it comes to driving away foul odour from your home premises; make sure you use them – especially for the kitchen and the bathroom areas.

Using Dust Bins Properly

You need to grow a habit of placing unwanted items in your dustbins and regularly clean the same as well. Also, it is advisable to use closed dustbins instead of open ones.

Use of Scented Candles

Some candles help you to fill your home’s air with a sweet smell; hence you need to place them in your houses.

Cleaning Your Rooms 

Although cleaning your rooms is a regular task, but it has been seen that some people can’t clean them regularly. Hence, you need to try at least once in a week to clean your home premise and apply proper sanitization as well.

Changing of Bed Sheets

Along with the cleaning of your rooms, you must change the room’s bed sheets at least once or twice in a week for keeping pleasing odour.

Properly Bathe Your Pet

Make sure that your pet is regularly bathed or is kept in a hygienic condition for keeping your room’s environment clean and foul odour free.

Properly Place Flower Vases

There are some flowers like “Potpourri” or some other sweet flowers that absorb the foul smell of houses; hence you need to make sure that you use them for yours too.

Planting of Trees in Garden Areas

In case you have a garden in your house that can act as a perfect agent for removing polluted air out of your house premises and helps in providing oxygen. If you plant trees with flowers, that will make your home atmosphere aromatic.