Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Discusses 2021 Interior Trends to Follow
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The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Discusses 2021 Interior Trends to Follow

Spectrum Interiors (awarded best interior designer in Kolkata) has been one of the most successful interior companies for 2019-2020. Their company’s success has merely touched the sky with the quality of works they have been able to deliver to the people of Kolkata. As an interior company, their main focuses have always been on their clients’ welfare and spruce up their homes or offices. Through their excellent service and dedication in interior design and decoration; they have been regarded as the best interior designer in Kolkata.

However, unlike other companies, Spectrum Interiors haven’t limited their knowledge only to themselves. They have always tried to deliver the same through blogs, advertisements, or informative posts on social media (Follow Spectrum Interiors on Facebook). In this blog, they have tried to inform the interior design seeking audiences about the latest interior trends that will prevail in the market of Kolkata. Let’s read the points given below for further details:

  1. Trends through Naval Colour

Judging from the customer demands, it seems that the naval blue trend will prevail in India’s market. This is suitable mainly for elegant/new places.


  1. Trends through Light Wood

Those who follow the Scandinavian interior design, sprucing up of interiors through light woods are most suitable. Unlike others, light woods can be used for flooring, ceiling and wall options applicable to colder regions. Moreover, light wood also beautifully highlights the multipurpose spaces through their natural colour, so they are of high demand these days.


  1. Sustainable Interior Designs 

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that we all have a responsibility towards our environment. Hence, it’s high time to focus on sustainable bioplastic materials and don’t get damaged with time. These bioplastic materials have a low impact on the environment and very useful to spruce up your interiors using the plastic materials you waste.


  1. Trends Using Statement Pieces

This kind of design spaces is suitable for sophisticated yet precise areas. The main option behind including this is to have luxury design into homes. This can be through the wood, bioplastics, etc.


  1. Inclusion of Natural Elements

According to the best home interior designer in Kolkata, this interior trend mainly includes the inclusion of natural feeling into our houses. This represents keeping flowers or some home décor plants into our homes for bringing more oxygen. Moreover, this includes the inclusion of natural colours, so that the exact natural feeling is felt.


  1. Grey Colour Interior Trend

Grey is often regarded as the best-suited substitute for white colour. In the year 2021, this colour’s inclusion is likely to be increased for which the interior designers will be prepared. Sometimes, using a combination of Grey and White colour makes a perfect combination for modern houses.


  1. Rustic Styled Design Trend

This interior design style advances comfort insides with a bit of contemporaneity. Another translation of traditional occasions. Praising the plan pieces which has won by the component-time.


  1. Industrial Style Interior Trend

The industrial-style interior trend is mainly for environments that demand multipurpose uses. It uses contemporary-styled designs for homes that are hybrid. Since this generation is inhibited by the millennial, they will choose open spaces – that will include a living area, dining space and the cooking one. Consult the living room designer in Kolkata for more details regarding this style.