The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Discusses 2021 Retail Design Trends
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The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Discusses 2021 Retail Design Trends

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that the retail industry had seen a massive change, mostly when it was up to their survival in the pandemic. Statistics have proved that people won’t stop shopping no matter what happens. When the physical shopping experience was not possible, people preferred the online way of shopping. You must have heard about big online retail giants like Myntra, Yepme, Ajio, etc. that has just shaken the world in this field. Spectrum Interiors says that every brand should follow their online trend as this online experience stays. However, things are now improving, and the clouds are finally clearing with the vaccine’s arrival, so it is advised to open their shops in a new way. In this blog, the best interior designer in Kolkata will explain some new ways retails can decorate their shops to re-attract their customers.

  1. Sophisticated Approach 

In the past, retailers focused on storing more inventory items and then leaving it up to the people to decide what to do. In the modern-day approach, the retailers concentrate on keeping more delicate items on the shelves and focus on the floors. In this time, the beds are made curvy and a certain angle to suit the sophisticated design.

  1. Shopping Experience Reinvention

The second most crucial thing the retailers should focus on is to go for a shopping experience reinvention. It is no longer about the retailers to put on an experience for others to go into the retail shops. It is more about the customers to feel great in retails, said by the best commercial interior designer in Kolkata.

  1. Integration of Brand History or Storytelling

To novice sellers, storytelling may not appeal to a great extent, but it is something that they cannot avoid these days for big brands. A significant number of people believe that emotions drive sales, and storytelling is something that strongly binds the feelings with a brand’s image. Hence, storytelling is what will keep your brand stand out and indirectly help you to drive sales.

  1. Social Media and Online Presence

We have come to know how important it is to make your online presence and let others buy stuff online through the pandemic. However, creating an online presence is not enough if you don’t have a strong social media presence that can back that up. Retail interior design services have gone through the next level for some brands like “Shoppers Stop”, “Spencer’s”, etc.

  1. Shrinking of Physical Spaces

It has been seen from a lot of retailers that inventory cost is something that gets rise for them to a great extent. To reduce that inventory cost, it is now becoming critical for the retailers to reduce the physical space and focus on online shopping. Online shopping is what can reduce their warehouse cost and help them in stabilizing their income without holding too many areas.

  1. Pop-Up Stores

These are the kind of store set up with the intension of social branding and for attracting women. They are applicable for those brands that have their product and help people stop ageing, look beautiful, etc. Nowadays, pop-ups are also getting spread to the eCommerce market – where they are slowly moving and capturing the neighbourhood with the same.

  1. Conjugation of Shopping with Technology

The best interior designer in Kolkata says that even though the online shopping experience has captured a large market in the world, some still prefer everyday shopping. Hence, retailers need to attract them and bind them through some technology to provide a great experience. This includes putting feature for taking selfies, putting a kiosk section, auto sanitiser dispenser, etc. that can make them feel good.

  1. Friendly Services for Helping Customers

Also, these services cannot improve your sales directly but can help the customers convert better. They may seem small, but for your customers that are something that brings peace to their mind. Such services include parking space, a baby care service, playing slots, providing them with snacks, etc.

Conclusive Summary

The retail environment has changed a lot in the past two years or so. No retails now focus on storing too much inventory and bringing traditional concepts in shopping. Nowadays, they focus on providing excellent customer experience-driven with their brand’s image and bind the same emotions. Hence, they are now standing apart from the intense competition from the online market and still attracting the customers to their store.