Best Interior Designer Kolkata Explains Use of Rugs/Carpets for Makeover
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The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Explains Ways to Use Rugs and Carpets for Home Makeover

As per the best interior designer in Kolkata, natural fibre, jute, and fleece have many utilities, extending to home décor. Rugs and carpets stand out among them, and they have been stylized in various ways, making them a fixture in almost every household. As handcrafted materials, rugs and carpets have great potential, and you can use them to your best advantage for a quick home makeover. Allow the best interior designer in Kolkata to help you choose some of the best to upgrade your décor instantly. Here is how they are unique.

Vast Range of Designs

Firstly, there is no shortage of different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, rectangles, rounds, squares, ovals, and even hexagonal or diamond-shaped and asymmetrical patterns are available. The craftsmen know the needs and likes of the modern homemaker, and you can lend a genuinely earthy yet contemporary feel to your apartment with the modern rugs and carpets that you see today.

A Plethora of Patterns and Textures

Another feature of these fantastic floor decorations is that they come with various weaves and patterns. The braided ones look very chic, and they are given exciting combinations by colouring every strand with different colours and braiding them together. The carpets look colourful, but the overall effect can compete with any other item available in the market. Compared to products made from artificial substances like nylon or plastic, they lend a more lived-in and cosy touch to the room décor.


Another thing incredibly in its favour is the pricing. Jute and fleece are probably some of the cheapest materials available, so no doubt whatever item is made from them will also be very affordable. This gives even the average household a chance to do up their house within their means. Moreover, since local weavers craft most carpets and rugs, you do not have to pay additional costs for transport or other factors, making it possible to buy high-quality products at a minimal price.

Easy to Maintain

Rugs and carpets are also more or less very easy to maintain. No professional cleaning or extra effort is required to get them cleaned. Dusting it daily take care of the loose dirt while in case of stains etc., wiping it with a damp cloth and mild soap can take care of the problem. Be careful not to put it in a lot of water as that can weaken the strands or not rub it too hard as the fibres may get fuzzy, giving it a shaggy look. An interior design company in Kolkata can help you pick the ones best convenient for your lifestyle.

Rugs and carpets can help you quickly hide any flaws in the flooring or some other surface in the house. They are eco-friendly and hence, highly sustainable. Moreover, most of the rugs and carpets are woven by local craftsmen, and you will be helping the community in a big way if you buy these local, handcrafted products. With the best interior designer in Kolkata by your side, you will surely make some great choices for your home.