Everything about Modular Kitchen Designs: Know from Spectrum Interiors
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Modular Kitchen Design

The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Shares Everything You Need to Know About Modular Kitchens

With our way of life going through extremist changes, the kitchen has seen some fascinating changes. Modular kitchen designs are significantly more than simple utilitarian spaces and fill in as the house’s centre. From multiple points of view, the kitchen is possibly the most-useful space in the condo, which assumes a predominant part in supporting our lives. It is the hottest corner of a house. Indian kitchens witness various exercises from first light to nightfall and, like this, the hardest to plan. The picked stylistic layout ought to be ergonomically stable to oblige its significant capacities. Today, some of the best interior designers in Kolkata, offering tweaked answers for customers with one of a kind prerequisites. This guide reveals insight into the main parts of planning your separate fantasy kitchen. 

Different Modular Kitchen Components 

Whether you want to fabricate a little kitchen or an enormous outside kitchen, modular kitchen designs are a superb method of taking advantage of the accessible space. When you consider modular kitchens, there are numerous features to it — ledges, measured cupboards, apparatuses, equipment, adornments, and lighting. This rundown tends to the must-have parts of a measured kitchen — 


A ledge is a smooth surface, generally level, called the turning out the cover for cooking. A few kinds of ledge alternative accessible nowadays — the most well-known ones incorporate stone, quartzite, soapstone, and porcelain. Additionally, you can discover moderate pre-assembled ledges and coordinate specially designed sinks. 

Measured Cabinets 

It is conceivable to detect a diverse exhibit of measured cupboards in the present kitchens. There are three main variations of the same, shared by the modular kitchen designers in Kolkata, and they are given below:

  1. Base Cabinets– The most generally utilized bureau is the base bureau. By and large, mounted beneath the ledge, base cupboards are secured that hold various drawers and retires together while obliging multiple types of embellishments. 
  2. Divider Cabinets– Wall cupboards are the second most mainstream sort of particular kitchen cupboard. In contrast to base cupboards, these cupboards are set over the counter. This bureau offers a ton of adaptability and can be tweaked in different manners to serve various jobs. 
  3. Tall Cabinets – This variation of the cupboard isn’t so mainstream with a little kitchen, and is seen in vast or huge kitchens. They generally utilized utility cupboards to store additional materials, such as staple goods, pickle containers, bundled food things, etc. 

Sorts of bureau complete utilized in these measured arrangements are of a few kinds — cover completes, facade completes, acrylic completes, veneer completes, and glass completes are to give some examples. 

Equipment Solutions 

Particular kitchens have various sorts of equipment things to hold all its functional units set up. The most well-known equipment items utilized in these kitchens – shared by the best interior designer in Kolkata are recorded beneath — 

  1. Pivots– Hinges are utilized to encase a bureau entryway to its edge and tweaked depending on the entryway’s determinations. While customizable pivots are the most generally used pivots, other significant choices incorporate delicate shut and self-shut pivots. 
  2. Entryway Lifts – Modular kitchen cupboards move a few ergonomic highlights for a comfortable standpoint. The entryway lift is one such element found in these kitchen helps. Rather than the twofold entryway frameworks, lift-up entryways consume less space and known for their usability. 
  3. Channels– Channels are equipment parts that accompany sliding properties to hold the drawers, and crates together. Essential stations, otherwise called adjustable channels, are found in 8″”, 10″”, and 12″” determinations. 

Delicate Close Channels: These are adjustable channels used to pull out drawers and bushels productively. 

Push-Open Channels: These have a place with the third classification and are perceived for their convenience. They accompany the resilience change offices for smooth opening. Canal push-open channels needn’t bother with handles to work. 

  1. Handles – Hardware handles help to open and close bureau entryways effectively. 

Modular Kitchen Racks 

You can plan your particular kitchen with various kinds of cupboards and drawers to collect your pots and earthenware. Look at the most mainstream type of drawers utilized in contemporary kitchens – 

  1. Lethargic Susans-This is habitually utilized in the kitchen cupboard for their elastic casings. The rotating corners use the accessible space in an ideal manner conceivable. 
  2. Fixed Dish Organizer Drawers– Wall cupboards are not advantageous for lifting weighty utensils. With fixed dish coordinators, it is not difficult to organize all dishes set up. 
  3. Utensil Drawers– These kinds of drawers are ideal for keeping long utensils productively. Generally, all knives are organized corner to corner to improve the given space. 


Most particular kitchen plans accompany worked in highlights for smooth joining of apparatuses. There are a few kinds of devices found in present-day kitchens — the most customarily utilized machines incorporate fireplace, HOB, inherent broilers, fridges, dishwashers and kitchen sinks. 

Different Modular Kitchen Layouts 

Planning another kitchen is an incredibly intricate cycle, including a few significant advances. Regardless of whether it’s the kitchen format or cupboard plans, each progression requests cautious contemplations. The initial step you need to consider while planning your secluded kitchen is building an ideal design for the ledge. You need to leave sufficient space to permit free developments. Householders have an assortment of alternatives to browse the extent that formats are concerns. Here are the most well-known plan alternatives you can decide for your kitchen – shared by the home interior designers in Kolkata.

Single-Wall Layout 

This format configuration is ideal for little condos. As the most basic structure plan, this design saves you many spaces and improves your general work effectiveness. In single-divider formats, you need to pick a long counter to establish hobs, kitchen sinks, and apparatuses. For capacity choices, you can consider divider cupboards and base cupboards. 

L-Shaped Layout 

L-Shaped formats are made of two counters, positioned at opposite points. Because of the adjoining position of the counters, this design offers the greatest proficiency while cooking. The accessible space can change the length of these L-formed counters. If you are picking the rectangular arrangement, it’s smarter to keep one arm more limited than the other. 

Equal Layout 

Equal Kitchens are picked for their helpful highlights. As apparent from its name, this sort of format is shaped of two similar counters. Comparable kitchens are an incredible decision for huge kitchen spaces implied for a few cooking individuals. 

U-Shaped Layout 

This format has three sides where three counters are set to look like the letter “U”. The U-molded plans offer abundant space to clients and can be planned around the eating table for the executives’ production area. 

Island Layout 

On the off chance that you need some additional room in your kitchen, the island design can be a savvy decision. The most astonishing aspect of this format is you can supplement it with a plan — the U-design, the L-format, G-design — given the accessible space and your kitchen prerequisites. 

Landmass Layout 

Peninsular kitchens accept the vibe of the island kitchen, with a couple of exceptional cases. By and large, the size and the position are unique about that of its island partners. This sort of format houses worked in sinks, which furnishes householders with additional room to oblige various clients. This format is an extraordinary decision for little kitchens, where the need for householders can mould the island. 

G-Shaped Layout 

The G-formed kitchen design takes after the U-molded format with an extra counter added to one of its sides. This plan permits a ton of spaces for the smooth route, obliging a few cooking individuals. 

Your plan alternatives are not restricted to the previously mentioned formats. There are sufficient decisions accessible to householders, and they can even ponder consolidating at least two forms for a tweaked standpoint. 

Modular Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Kitchen remodel project offers you a great chance to investigate the decision patterns on the lookout. Attributable to life changes, present-day kitchens can be considered the point of convergence of numerous houses nowadays. For those inquisitive about the most recent buzz in inside plans, notice can be made of the open floor design, which offers the adaptability to move unreservedly between the key utilitarian spaces. The free ground surface framework accompanies a separated kitchen zone, other than emotional eating and front room plans. Present-day plans advance a multidimensional expectation for everyday comforts. In the present progressively bustling timetable, individuals will participate in the general club at least two functional units to guarantee ideal living. For example, householders frequently incorporate cooking and eating with other everyday customs to save them more. Before you set out to plan your measured kitchen, familiarize yourself with the prevailing plan patterns for a feasible answer for your home. 

Monochromatic Kitchens 

Most kitchens are painted in dark, white, and dim tones. Notwithstanding, the monochromatic kitchen can tidy up your plan game extensively. Monochromatic kitchens come in dark, white charcoal or noon tints and offer an exquisite completion, challenging to accomplish in other typical plans. Helpfully, you can match this kitchen type with a traditional kitchen for the best family insight. 

Eco-Friendly Kitchens 

The most pursued patterns in 2021 include the eco-accommodating kitchen – it is advanced. However, it likewise advances maintainability. In practical kitchens, you can discover reused receptacles in your cabinetry, three-in-one hot water fixtures, energy-productive acceptance hobs, and so on. 

Smooth Cabinets 

You can discover heaps of energizing cupboard alternatives to outfit your kitchen. However, none can beat smooth particular cabinetry arrangements. These cupboards are valued for their moderation and productive administration of the accessible space. 

Glass Doors 

Kitchen doors made out of glass are ideal for little kitchens, which join the eating and the living space. It’sIt’s a sound alternative for kitchens lying neighbouring a gallery. 

From maintainable kitchens to smooth formats, there’s a great deal to investigate when you come to consider contemporary kitchen plans. There’sThere’s consistently the alternative to rebuilding your kitchen with customary procedures. However, you can differentiate various highlights for more mixed outcomes. 

Disasters You Need to Avoid for Modular Kitchens 

Measured kitchens have an assortment of significant segments, and, in this manner, hard to plan. Fortunately, you can locate a few driving edges inside plan organizations in Kolkata, offering customized kitchen configuration administrations to clients at serious rates. Employing a reasonable inside decorator is the sharpest move you can make, given the dangers of amassing each significant detail. As novices with little involvement with planning, householders frequently settle on flinch commendable choices, causing long haul harms. 

Here are some secluded plan ruins you need to evade while rebuilding your kitchen. 

  1. Numerous householders don’t get extra any idea while setting up the kitchen triangle, generally comprising the oven, the fridge, and the kitchen sink. All these three parts ought to be incorporated well to frame a tight unit for most extreme usefulness. 
  2. It is a poorly conceived notion to put resources into prominent kitchen cupboards when planning a little kitchen. Little kitchens require divider mounted cupboards and corner stockpiling units for more prominent adequacy. 
  3. Clients regularly settle on helpless choices while choosing a ledge for their kitchen. For all the more long haul benefits, it’s smarter to get an uncompromising counter. Materials like rock, dark marble top, overlay, and wood can make ergonomic other options. 
  4. It is a standard error not to give a lot of consideration to lighting. Pick energy-effective LED lighting for your kitchen for the best outcome. 
  5. Fired ought to be dodge no matter what for protecting the kitchen dividers. Pick something more challenging, for example, steel or rock for extended haul benefits. 

Variables like extents and utility assume a crucial part in deciding your decision of inside plan. Measured kitchens may be an energizing choice when considering house remodel; you need to stay away from all the potential missteps and pick up an authorized inside plan organization in Kolkata for the ideal result. 

Conclusive Summary

Numerous householders are changing to the measured kitchen in India for a large group of focal points. While space improvement stays an essential factor for picking this kind of kitchen, you can’t neglect other its points of interest like simple establishment, customizable choices, style, just as a support. The best interior designer in Kolkata will give master oversight and help you execute your secret kitchen plan efficiently. Before you jump, research your alternatives and advise yourself with the fundamental subtleties for the ideal result.